Bill Gates Says “The PC Is The Tablet”. Is He Right?

Photo courtesy Microsoft

In an interview with the BBC about his philanthropic work, Microsoft chairman and co-founder Bill Gates was asked about something non-philathropic: living in a post-PC era of smartphones and tablets. His response? Well, let’s just say it wasn’t a surprise.

Understanding “Post-PC”


Following Steve Jobs’ announcement that we are in a “post-PC” era, a lot of people have fallen over themselves to explain what that means. Unfortunately most of them never bothered to figure out what “post-PC” means, so I thought I’d supply you with an explanation that references previous discussions on the topic.

Steve Jobs Gets What He Really Wanted: A Debate on the Future of Computing


There’s no question that yesterday Apple showed that it sets the rules when it comes to Tablets. They’ve done it before. I’m guessing somewhere down the line they will do it again. More intriguingly Apple’s recent announcement, both in style and substance has transformed not only the world of Tablets, but the discussion about the […]