Disposable Computers Become the Trend for Apple


In recent years, Apple has made eco-friendliness the meme behind its design decisions, highlighting the use of highly recyclable materials such as metal and glass. However, the messaging isn’t without caveats as power users who find themselves outgrowing their purchases year after year may have to part with their purchases, rather than being offered a […]

Tim Cook: No iPad ‘Pro’ Model; Windows 8’s Idea of Convergence is Flawed


Responding to questions about why Apple has not released a more advanced version of the iPad slate running the company’s desktop-class OS X platform rather than the mobile-centric iOS platform, Apple CEO responded that such an idea of convergence leads to too many compromises. Compared to Apple rival Microsoft, which is standardizing its Windows 8 […]

Bill Gates Says “The PC Is The Tablet”. Is He Right?

Photo courtesy Microsoft

In an interview with the BBC about his philanthropic work, Microsoft chairman and co-founder Bill Gates was asked about something non-philathropic: living in a post-PC era of smartphones and tablets. His response? Well, let’s just say it wasn’t a surprise.

How to Speed Up that iOS 4.3 Upgrade


I blogged about this the last time there was an iOS update but it is probably a good reminder to do it again given the rumors circulating that iOS 4.3 may come today. If not, it will certainly be here later this week when the iPad 2 is released. Keep in mind that iOS 4.3 […]