Your iPhone Won’t Run out of Power with These 12 Awesome Gadgets

ravpower luster 6000 mah external battery plus flashlight

While on the go, one thing can take down even the most experienced iPhone 5 or iPhone 5s users, a drained battery. We looked around for some great tools to charge your iPhone. We’ve got devices that will keep users going with some extra juice or an easy method of recharging even when it’s not […]

Wireless Charging and the Sun to Power Apple’s Rumored iWatch

iWatch artist rendering

In recent years, we’ve seen advancements in mobile processors, displays, and cameras on smartphones, but the common constraint that many mobile devices still faces is power consumption. So far, there hasn’t been tremendous improvements to battery technology or design, and that may be where the holy grail of mobile computing will lead manufacturers like Apple […]

Want a Smartphone with Infinite Battery? Urine Luck

Urine smartphone power

Smartphone and iPhone battery life is a major complaint for power users who never seem to have enough power, but a new technology demo can turn something you’ll never run out of into power for a smartphone. The Bristol Robotics Laboratory is working on a new fuel cell that is powered by urine. That’s right, […]

Biofuel to Recharge Your Phone Takes An Interesting Bodily Twist


We’ve heard of biofuel as an alternative source of clean energy for cars and larger appliances, but now a similar concept may be used to power your phone in the future. There’s a twist, however, as the biofuel used in this prototype isn’t derived from plants, but rather from your own body. Researchers at the […]

Motorola Teases Wireless Power Charging Pre-CES


We’re not quite sure what Motorola has going on for CES just yet, but the company has just released a charger that sheds a single tear. Hopefully that means that Moto’s phones can be powered longer while away from your nearest wall outlet. You can check out the teaser video below: Previous speculations have it […]

PowerBag Charges Your Phones and Tablets on the Go


Are you constantly running out of power on your smartphones, tablets and eReaders? If you have a 4G LTE smartphone you definitely answered yes. Even if you have an older device, if you are a heavy user, you probably run out of power more often than you’d like. While you could get a special case […]

solBat II Solar Powered USB Charger and Battery Backup Review

Scosche solBat II Solar Powered Backup Battery and Charger

The Scosche solBat II Solar Powered Backup Battery and Charger is an environmentally friendly solar powered battery that charges small devices with USB cables. It is a handy battery backup for those times when you need a little extra juice. It won’t charge everything. , but in a pinch it does provide an extra boost […]

LG Revolution Gets Fulton Qi Inductive Wireless Charging Back Cover


At Mobile World Congress, Fulton was showing off its inductive wireless charging solution, which will be inter-operable with other devices thanks to its reliance on the Qi wireless charging standard introduced by the Wireless Power Consortium. Handset makers such as Motorola, LG, and HTC have all signed on, so if you have a Motorola phone […]

EzGear’s ezSpace Wall Mount – Charge Six Items At A Time

ezGear ezSpace Wall Mount

This 6 outlet wallmount from ezGear looks like something that would come in useful in our hotel room during CES – three guys, tons of accessories and tablets to charge. You get the idea… We’ll try to stop by their booth at CES to check them out. No word on pricing. Press release after the […]