Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Pre-Orders: Where to Buy

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 release rumors point to October 3rd and 10th.

Samsung’s brand new Galaxy Note 4 release date isn’t for another month, but starting today users can ensure they’ll get the highly anticipated new flagship smartphone the day its released. The Galaxy Note 4 pricing and release date has already been confirmed, and buyers will want to know where to get the new phone. Starting […]

Verizon iPhone 6 Pre-Order Still Available for Release Day Delivery

iphone 6 plus gold

This week the brand new iPhone 6 went up for pre-order, and supplies didn’t last long. However, if you’re still looking for a Verizon iPhone 6 pre-order that will arrive on release day, the gold option is readily available. Those who were able to successfully order the brand new iPhone 6 from Verizon Wireless (or […]

PS4 & Xbox One GTA 5 Release Confirmed, Pre-Orders Live

The PC, PS4 & Xbox One GTA 5 release is confirmed and pre-orders start today.

The PS4 & Xbox One GTA 5 release arrives this fall with updated graphics to deliver all of the fun that gamers experienced last year with better looking gameplay. This release also includes Xbox One and PS4 GTA Online access to the growing online community of GTA players. GTA 5 for Xbox One, Ps4 and […]

AT&T Samsung Galaxy S5 Release Date Comes Early for Some

AT&T Galaxy S5 Release Early

The AT&T Galaxy S5 release date is officially set for April 11th, but for many users that took part in the Galaxy S5 pre-order it will arrive as soon as April 9th. AT&T lists the Galaxy S5 ship date as April 8th, and users that pre-ordered the Galaxy S5 in March received shipment notifications this […]

Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 Release Revealed


Samsung could be preparing to release at least one of its many new Android tablets just in time for Valentine’s Day, all starting with the massive 12-inch Galaxy Note Pro tablet. Offering the same S-Pen features as previous Note devices, only in a huge 12.2-inch device. Announced last month at CES, the Samsung Galaxy Note […]

eVGA Tegra Note 7 Tablet Available Now for Pre-order

Screen Shot 2013-11-12 at 2.11.43 PM

This morning NVIDIA officially announced its first Android tablet, one that’s rocking the company’s latest quad-core Tegra 4 processor. Only it isn’t being sold by NVIDIA. Instead the new Tegra Note 7 is a reference design which will be distributed and offered by a slew of third party partners they’ve worked with from the graphics […]

AT&T Samsung Galaxy Gear Pre-Orders Start Tomorrow

Image via Yahoo

The Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch will be available for pre-order starting tomorrow on AT&T. The carrier announced the news via Twitter today, and linked to its landing page for the new wearable accessory. However, AT&T didn’t list a time on when the Galaxy Gear would officially go live for pre-orders, but we’ll be sure to […]

T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Pre-Orders Begin September 18

The U.S. Cellular Galaxy Note 3 release date is set for October, but major details are missing.

Call it a coincidence (or not), but T-Mobile will be opening up pre-orders for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 on September 18, which is the same day that Apple will be officially launching iOS 7. The 5.7-inch phablet-style smartphone will cost you $199 down with 24 payments of $21 per month (or $700 total). You’ll […]

AT&T Galaxy Note 3 Release Date & Price Land, Pre-Orders Start

The Galaxy Note 3 is headed to the United States in early October.

The AT&T Galaxy Note 3 release date is set for October 1st with a $299 on a two-year contract price, bringing the new Galaxy Note to the U.S. just a week after the international release. AT&T opened up Galaxy Note 3 pre-orders this morning, promising orders will ship on October 1st, which lines up with […]

Samsung Galaxy S4 Price Confirmed, U.S. Pre-Orders Start in April

The Samsung Galaxy S4 price is confirmed for $249 with a two-year contract on AT&T. This is $50 more than the iPhone 5 and $150 more than the T-Mobile Galaxy S4 up front pricing.

The first Samsung Galaxy S4 pre-orders start on April 16th and could line up with a May 1st AT&T Galaxy S4 release date. AT&T announced this morning that the Samsung Galaxy S4 pre-orders will start on April 16th and the Samsung Galaxy S4 will retail for $249 on AT&T with a two-year contract. Shoppers looking for the […]

Verizon Delivering iPhone 5 Pre-Orders Ahead of Schedule

iphone-5-review- 8

Great news for users that pre-ordered an iPhone 5 from Verizon after the first shipment sold out. Readers are reporting that their iPhone 5 pre-orders are shipping early. The iPhone 5 pre-order sold out for release date delivery early, but carriers are now catching up to demand with in-store stock and fulfillment of orders placed […]

Google Project Glass Explorer Edition Costs $1500, Ships Next Year

google project glass preorder for 1500 ships next year

Google announced their much-anticipated Google Project Glass coming first only to developers from the United States (due to regulatory issues) who attended the Google I/O 2012 event. The glasses give users see a heads-up display of pertinent data and record video and still images. The first edition will cost a whopping $1500 on pre-order. The glasses won’t ship […]

Verizon Galaxy S III Pre-Orders Start June 6th

Verizon Galaxy S III Pre-order

The Samsung Galaxy S III is one the way to Verizon’s 4G LTE network this month. There is no official Galaxy S III release date on Verizon, but customers don’t need to wait long to pre-order the Galaxy S III. Verizon announced that the Samsung Galaxy S III pre-orders will start June 6th at 7AM eastern […]

How Apple Convinced Me Not to Buy a Bigger iPad

New iPad Now Available for Pre-Order at Radio Shack

Today, Apple convinced me to give them $100 less than I wanted to. It began last night when our editor Josh Smith and I had a Twitter conversation that made me think about changing my iPad preorder from the 32GB model to the 64GB. As I said in our team post about why we picked […]

iPad Pre-Order Ship Dates Start Slipping; France & Germany Sold Out


In the U.S., ship dates for customers who pre-order the new iPad have begun to slip, with select models now showing a March 19 ship date, rather than the March 16 ship date that was promised if customers had pre-ordered sooner. The slip in ship and delivery date only affects some models of the iPad, and […]

Transformer Prime Pre-Orders Return to Amazon


Soon after the Transformer Prime became official, Amazon had begun taking pre-orders for the tablet, but the online retailer had quickly withdrawn its pre-order pages after that as it found out that inventory for the world’s first quad-core Tegra 3-powered Android tablet would be strained. It’s unclear if supply for the Transformer Prime is easing […]

Sam’s Club Offers iPhone 4S Preorders Today for Friday Pickup


In addition to the other stores where you can get an iPhone 4S, Sam’s Club started taking preorders for the Apple iPhone 4S today at their club locations. Buyers can get their’s reserved for pickup on Friday, October 14 when the phone actually launches. Not every store will offer it so check with your local […]