iPhone Security Not Enough for Presidential Use

Look for iPhone Black Friday Deals in 2013.

During a health care speech at the White House on Wednesday, President Obama said that he’s not allowed to use an iPhone due to “security reasons.” Instead, the president uses a BlackBerry device, which are well known for being secure, thanks to the company’s focus on enterprise use. iPhone security is apparently not up to […]

How to Watch the Presidential Inauguration on Your iPhone & Android

Inauguration iPhone app

On Monday, January 21 President Obama’s second term will officially begin as he takes the oath of office¬†at the National Mall. The 57th Presidential Inauguration begins at 11:30 a.m. EST in Washington D.C. The inauguration includes the swearing-in of both Vice President Joe Biden and President Barack Obama and the President’s Inaugural Address. The ceremony […]

Spike Lee Shoots President Obama with an iPad

Spike Lee photographs President Barak Obama with iPad 2

Let’s say you are a world-class film maker and you are about to meet the leader of the free world. You might want to catch the moment on video for your own personal memories and even to share with fans of your work. At the very least you will want to get a high quality […]

President Obama warns of iPad, media misinformation, and stuff


President Obama took a big crap on the iPad at some school in Virginia yesterday. Or at least that’s the impression I got skimming headlines today. Something about media being a distraction or something like that. I don’t know. All I read was “iPad” and was hooked.