iPhone Security Not Enough for Presidential Use

Look for iPhone Black Friday Deals in 2013.

During a health care speech at the White House on Wednesday, President Obama said that he’s not allowed to use an iPhone due to “security reasons.” Instead, the president uses a BlackBerry device, which are well known for being secure, thanks to the company’s focus on enterprise use. iPhone security is apparently not up to […]

Why Steve Jobs Would Be a Better President Than Obama

jobs as president

Just as congress and the president are bickering over raising the federal debt ceiling, news comes from the BBC that Apple has a larger cash reserve than the United States of America (Apple has $76.4 billion, the U.S. has $73.7 billion). So we are going to do what any sensible person looking at these two […]

President Obama an iPad 2 User


President Barack Obama, one of the most technologically-forward presidents in modern history, was recently photographed with the iPad 2 tablet and Apple Smart Cover. It’d be interesting to see and know what app(s) the president uses on his tablet, and more importantly how the U.S. government handles security with the tablet. Obama has never been […]