How to Change Your Mac’s Admin Password

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*+-By default, your Mac’s admin password is your iCloud password. This is a new feature introduced in OS X Yosemite, but it’s something that not all users like, so here’s how to go back to using an admin password of your choice. The nice thing about past versions of OS X was that you could […]

Is Apple Pay Safe and Secure?


*+-Apple Pay was launched earlier this week alongside the release of iOS 8.1, allowing users to buy goods with their iPhones at a number of stores, but where exactly can iPhone users take advantage of Apple’s new digital payment platform? Apple Pay is essentially the company’s own digital wallet service to take on the growing […]

5 iOS 8 Privacy Settings You Should Change

iPhone 6 privacy

*+-Privacy is a huge concern for a lot of people, especially with all of this NSA hoopla that’s been going around for the past year or so. Here are some privacy settings in iOS 8 that you should be aware of. No one wants to be tracked or have all of their internet activity captured […]

iOS 8 Private Browsing Mode: Not as Private as You Think

iOS 8 Safari

*+-iOS 8 comes with all sorts of new features, including improved notifications, a better iMessage, and the new HealthKit app. However, iOS 8 also has a lot of subtle changes over iOS 7, and one of those changes deals with how the Safari app handles Private Browsing Mode. Safari’s Private Browsing Mode allows users to […]

Verizon Smart Rewards Program Launches, But There’s a Catch


*+-Back in February Verizon Wireless announced a new program called “Smart Rewards” that gives loyal Verizon customers points which can be redeemed for cash, discounts on hotels, and various other things similar to credit card reward programs. After initially launching in a few select markets, Verizon Smart Rewards is officially launching nationwide on July 24th. […]

How to Delete Your Galaxy S5 Browser History

Galaxy S5 Review - 13

*+-Privacy is an ongoing issue and concern these days, especially when we use our smartphones for anything and everything. If you’re the proud owner of the Samsung Galaxy S5 and would like to learn to delete or remove your browser history, we have you covered. There are many different reasons a user may want to […]

Facebook Listening Feature is Creeping Users Out


*+-Timing is everything in life. And Facebook seems to want the world on a timeline that many users aren’t quite ready for yet. And from the sound of things the folks at Facebook haven’t been reading enough of the Edward Snowden leak stories pouring through its feeds that say the NSA and other agencies can […]

Tech Companies Work Together to Pressure Congress on NSA Snooping

*+-One year ago today news of the NSA leaks from Edward Snowden starting filtering into our conscious as they slowly crescendoed into a story that impacted anyone who picks up a smartphone, a tablet, or any device connected via the Internet. Whether you’re one of the cynical set that thinks Snowden simply revealed the kind […]

Sundar Pichai: No Guarantee Android Designed to be Safe


*+-There’s a reason that PR professionals exist. There are more reasons than there are PR professionals why they develop cold sweats when company executives speak in public. A slip of the tongue, a wrong word here or there, and perhaps even more damaging-the truth-can send carefully constructed messaging into a tail spin. The truth needs […]

5 iPhone Privacy Settings You Should Change

iPhone privacy settings that you should change

*+-Privacy is a huge concern for a lot of people, especially with all of this NSA hoopla that’s been going around for the past few months. No one wants to be tracked or have all of their internet activity captured by web companies and sold to advertising agencies, but that’s the kind of world we […]

BlackPhone is Supposedly the NSA Proof Phone


*+-We’re all a little more aware of data security and privacy issues these days thanks to the NSA and folks like Edward Snowden telling us about the surveillance technologies that most thinking people have suspected for quite some time. But is that stopping the consuming public from buying smartphones that come with this sort of […]

Apple Issues DROPOUTJEEP Denial as Expected, But Questions Remain


*+-I’m not sure which is the most troubling part of this story. A company like Apple potentially being complicit with the NSA in order to install a backdoor into its products, or a company like Apple creating, marketing, and selling devices and services that they aren’t aware have surveillance back doors. After the latest info […]

Xbox One Kinect Privacy Shield: Gaming’s Tin Foil Hat

Xbox One Kinect Privacy Shield

*+-Privacy is a huge concern in this day and age, and it’s not just with computers and the internet. Gaming consoles are also receiving a lot of backlash over whether or not game system manufacturers are collecting your data and using it to their own desire. The Xbox One’s Kinect sensor has been the main […]

What Social Networks Know About You


*+-Privacy and security are big topics these days. With governments, social networks, and websites all collecting as much data about each of us as they can it is enough to make the ultra-paranoid not look quite so crazy. Data collection on consumers has been going on for quite some time. When I recently moved from […]

2014 Mobile Tech Predictions

The Swami

*+-2013 is quickly preparing to exit stage right. 2014 has moved from the green room and is waiting in the wings for its entrance. Who really knows what the next year will bring? There have been some interesting signals and intriguing signs that might tell us something of where we are going in mobile tech. […]

Mobile Tech Specs We Don’t Need to Worry About Anymore


*+-For most of our mobile lives with gadgets we’ve been concerned about speeds, feeds, and mobile tech specs for the devices we lust after. And, I bet there’s been a spec or two that may have kept you from parting with your hard earned money if those specs didn’t meet your expectations. (Can anyone say […]

Xbox One Privacy and Security Settings You Should Care About

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*+-The Xbox One is out in full force, and we’ve already played around with it quite a bit (look for a full review in the coming weeks), but while the games, apps and entertainment features of the new console are the main event, sometimes we forget about the more important things, namely privacy and security. […]

Apple Says It Can’t Read Your iMessages, Despite What New Claims Say


*+-Apple is under fire, thanks to a new report that suggest that the Cupertino-based company has the ability to read users’ iMessages if they choose to. This goes against what Apple claimed back in June when it said that it doesn’t even have the ability to read iMessages in the first place, and decrypting the […]

iOS 7 Lock Screen Bug Discovered Yet Again in Latest Update


*+-Last week, Apple sent out a small update to iOS 7 that fixed a lock screen bug that allowed anyone with your phone to access certain regions of your device, such as your camera roll, as well as the ability to share photos to social media sites. However, iOS 7.0.2 hasn’t completely closed up all […]