Facebook Isn’t Sharing Your Phone Numbers With The World

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Hold on Facebook Friends. There is a rumor going around that claims Facebook is sharing your contact list with the world, but it isn’t true. Facebook isn’t known for having the best privacy and security practices in the business, which is why many users believed that Facebook had shared their contacts with anyone on Facebook. […]

Females More Likely to Check Smartphones of Spouses and Kids

Smartphone snooping spouse

These days we keep all types of stuff on our phones, which has raised concerns about the government or hackers snooping on our calls, emails and travel history; but according to a new survey you should be looking at someone much, much closer. Retrevo found that your significant other is quite possibly checking your call history and […]

Better Look Elsewhere If You Want to Be a Creepy Stalker on Google+


It looks like Google is attempting to make users honest on the Internet, or at least with its emerging Google+ social networking service. The company says that users are obliged to use their real names when signing up for the service, and pseudonyms, avatars, and aliases can only be used in the secondary position when […]

Would You Buy a Newspaper-Subsidized Android Tablet?

philly android tab

With the newspaper industry struggling in the face of digital content, two Philadelphia dailies are taking on the motto “if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.” According to AdWeek, the Philadelphia Inquirer and Philly’s Daily News are planning to offer discounted Android tablets that are bundled with newspaper content. Under the deal, customers would buy an Android […]

8 Reasons Google Wallet Will Succeed, And 2 Potential RoadBlocks

Google Wallet - Payments

Google finally announced Google Wallet, a new service that combines hardware and software to turn your phone into a digital wallet capable of linking to your credit cards, gift cards and a Google Prepaid credit card. Google Wallet has a large collection of partners and in typical Android fashion is, “Coming Soon.” We’ve seen plenty […]

Popular Dropbox Dealing with Security and Privacy Issues


Privacy issues relating to your data stored in the cloud are going to always be with us as long as we have data stored in the cloud. But then again, privacy issues when everyone had their data stored on local hard drives and networks were and are still an issue. There are many ways to […]

U.S. Government Conflicted on the Storage of Location Data on Smartphone


The recent Senate hearing related to user privacy and tracking information related to smartphones yielded more questions and shows a more confused American government where technology and civil rights are concerned than gave answers. The hearing, called by U.S. Senator Al Franken, was to discuss what cell phone users’ rights are and how that relates […]

iOS UDID ID Code Can Reveal Identity of iPhone, iPad Owners


By design, the UDID mechanism scheme that Apple employs for iOS hardware is a unique string of letters and numbers, much like a device’s unique serial number, that is used to anonymously identify iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. However, security researcher Aldo Cortesi discovered a flaw that can link an iOS device’s unique UDID back […]

Weekly Wrap Up: Notebook, Tablet and Smart Phone News for April 29th

Samsung Droid Charge

This week we saw a Verizon 4G LTE outage push back the Samsung Droid Charge, the release of new Dell Precision mobile workstations, release of the Droid Incredible 2 and much more. We also have a great roundup of Mother’s Day Tech Gifts that includes eReaders, smartphones and notebooks. This list includes Mother approved gifts […]

The Privacy/Location Services Issues Still Have Legs

iPhone Tracking

Ever since the discovery of the hidden file on iPhones and iPhone backups prompted an uproar from those concerned about privacy issues, the story seems to keep building. Google and Apple have both been summoned to give answers to Congress, and if you’ve been following the news, you also know that Google and Apple aren’t […]

iPhone’s Tracking Data Erupts Into a Full Blown Mess


Yesterday we posted about the fact that the Apple iPhone tracks data and keeps it in a hidden file on the phone itself as well as in the backup files that are created when you sync your phone to whatever device you sync it with. As I said then some were pretty upset about this […]

Leaked Skype App Has Vulnerabilities That Exposes Personal Information


The leaked 4G-enabled Skype app for the HTC Thunderbolt that brought video calling contains some serious vulnerabilities that exposes the user’s personal information to other apps that take advantage of this vulnerability. The exploit was first discovered and unveiled on Android Police where the site had created an app to demonstrate how this vulnerability could […]

The Google CNN Facial Recognition Flap


Chris Davies of Slashgear does some very good reporting of a story that has been brewing for a day or two. The story is about a simmering battle between Google and CNN. CNN interviewed Google engineer Hartmut Neven about technology that would allow facial recognition via Android phones using Google Goggles. The piece ran in […]

Chrome Users Get Option to Opt Out of Online Ad Tracking


Google is now releasing an extension for users of its Chrome browser that will help with privacy concerns. The extension, which can be downloaded here, will allow users to opt out of ad tracking. The company has noted some of the features and downsides of using the news privacy extension on its blog: However, the […]

Proposed Law Requires Parental Permission Before Tracking Minors Online


While we had reported that the FTC had proposed a Do Not Track policy for Internet privacy, Demcratic representative Edward Markey from Massachusetts will be taking online privacy a step further with a proposal that’s targeted at minors. Markey, who used the analogy that “the Internet is like online oxygen” for many kids today, expresses […]

Facebook for iPhone Now with Privacy Settings


Along with its Facebook Messages announcement today, it looks like Facebook has gone on to update its Facebook for iPhone app to include privacy controls. The app, now at version 3.3.2, does not bring any of the new Facebook Messages enhancements yet to mobile–that will come via a future update–but will help users manage their […]

Destroying Data the Cheap and Easy Way

Screen shot 2010-10-13 at 2.41.16 AM

I walked by our local computer repair shop on the way to lunch yesterday and ran across a couple of kids taking customer privacy seriously. Instead of perusing personal data, like some repair shop employees do, these guys shatter hard drives that are left behind when customers upgrade their hard drives. I told these guys […]

Eric Schmidt on Name Changing and Privacy


Google’s honcho, Eric Schmidt, says that in the future young people should be entitled to change their name to avoid having to deal with mistakes or foolishness they may have made in their “cyber past.” He says “I don’t believe society understands what happens when everything is available, knowable and recorded by everyone all the […]