Second Low-Cost iPhone for Fall to Bring In High Profits for Apple


Despite targeting the more entry-level market with a rumored second new iPhone that will debut this fall alongside a flagship iPhone 5S with more powerful specs, Apple is speculated to still make a lot of money on this low-cost model. In true Apple fashion, Credit Suisse analysts say that Apple should have a healthy and […]

iPad mini to Bring Down Apple’s Profit Margins


While customers may complain that Apple’s latest iPad entry, the less expensive entry level iPad mini, is still priced some $130 higher than 7-inch rivals from Google and Amazon, Apple has revealed that its profit margins on the iPad mini is significantly less than the company’s average. In its quarterly earnings call, according to The […]

Intel Profits and Shares Up Thanks to Mobile Adoption

Intel Logo

Intel announced their first quarter earnings and the company’s share price jumped as a result. The chip maker saw a 6.7% spike in share prices after announcing they had a record 29% rise in earnings during the first quarter of 2011. Revenue grew from $10.3 Billion in Q1 2010 to $12.8 Billion this year. Earnings […]