Top 5 iPhone 5s Insurance & Warranty Options Compared

Broken iPhones are no joke. Here's a look a the best iPhone 5s insurance and warranty options.

When you buy the iPhone 5s Apple will ask if you want to buy AppleCare+ an extended iPhone 5s warranty and your carrier will try to sell iPhone 5s insurance to cover a lost or stolen iPhone. While it is a good idea to buy some type of iPhone 5s insurance or an extended iPhone […]

Top 5 iPhone 5 Warranty Options Compared

Why You want iPhone 5 Insurance

The iPhone 5 is an expensive gadget to replace with off contract pricing starting at $649. That’s the price users will need to pay if they break their iPhone 5 in the middle of a contract. With the iPhone 5 on the way top buyers soon, that means users will be able to drop it […]

Top 5 New iPad Warranty and Insurance Options Compared

The new iPad 3rd Generation is on the way to home and stores across the country, which means it will soon be in your hands, where you’ll be able to drop it and break it. The iPad isn’t a cheap gadget, and in drop tests the iPad doesn’t do so well. Even if you plan […]