iPhone 6 Design Sample Arrives Early, With Oddities

iPhone 5s vs an iPhone 6 design sample showcases size differences.

New photos show an iPhone 6 engineering sample used by case makers to test the fit and finish of cases next to an iPhone 5s, offering a size comparison of the iPhone 5s vs iPhone 6, but there are some oddities that suggest these may not be the final design. Much like the iPhone 5 […]

Nokia Normandy Android Prototype Leak Fuels Rumors


Lately there’s been no shortage of news and leaks surrounding Nokia’s low-end Android smartphone called Project Normandy, which many hope will make it to market, and this week we’ve finally received something other than leaked renders. Yesterday an actual working prototype unit of the popular Nokia Normandy handset leaked on Twitter, giving us our first […]

Eco-Mobius is a Prototype Modular and Hardware-Upgradeable Phone from ZTE


ZTE is chasing after Motorola’s modular Project Ara offering with its own prototype at the Consumer Electronics Show called the Eco-Mobius. At its core, the Eco-Mobius breaks down the phone’s internal hardware components into separare parts, or modules, so the end user can upgrade the parts that they want over time so that the phone […]

Samsung Galaxy Round Reportedly Only a Prototype


Earlier this month, Samsung announced the Galaxy Round, which is a new smartphone that sports a curved display, as well as a curved body. It’s definitely the first of its kind, and Samsung already confirmed that it would be hitting South Korea first, with no word on US availability. However, don’t get your hopes up, […]

Intel Teases Powerful, But Quiet Tablet

Image via Engadget

In announcing some of its next generation chipsets, Intel also teased a new tablet design that is aimed at delivering plenty of performance and power while at the same time promising a quieter computing experience. The tablet itself will utilize Intel’s powerful fourth generation Core i-processor code named Haswell while using a fan-less design. News […]

Fujitsu’s Keyboard of the Future Requires No Hardware Keys


Fujitsu has demonstrated a prototype of a Gesture Keyboard experience for touchscreen tablets that does not require physical or hardware keys. In a similar usage scenario to Microsoft’s Touch Keyboard cover for that company’s Surface RT and Surface Pro tablets, Fujitsu’s keyboard concept is a separate, external keyboard so users would not need to directly […]

Will Apple’s iWatch Replace Your iPhone? Rumors Say Yes.


Apple’s wearable wristwatch rumors are heating up again, and this time both the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal are chiming in with their own un-named sources saying that Apple is working on an iWatch concept of some kind in a top secret lab in Cupertino, California. Both publications independently claim that Apple is already […]

AMD Demos Prototype Windows 8 Slate


While there has been a lot of buzz surrounding Intel’s and ARM’s chipset architecture on Windows 8 tablets, there has been little mention of AMD for Microsoft’s forthcoming platform that’s slated to debut this fall. At Computex this year, AMD is taking the opportunity to show off more of its wares and has shown off […]

Original Apple iPad 1 Prototype With Dual Dock Connectors Hits eBay


The mythical and elusive iPad with dual dock connectors was recently spotted on an eBay auction showing off both the standard portrait-oriented dock connector as well as a secondary landscape-oriented dock connector. The dual dock connectors would make it easy for users to charge and dock their iOS slate in any orientation that they use […]

Makers of Pogo Sketch Shows Off Pressure Sensitive Stylus for iPad HD


Ten One Design is most famous for its Pogo Sketch line of capacitive touch stylus accessories that will work with a number of capacitive touchscreen devices, such as those on Windows Phone, iOS, and Android. Now, the company is demoing its latest touchscreen accessory, codenamed Blue Tiger, that will work with the iPad and utilize […]

Razer’s Project Fiona Brings Gaming to Windows 8 Tablet on Intel Ivy Bridge


While the Razer Switchblade concept was an intriguing device with a novel design approach, serious gamers were turned off from the machine because it utilized more netbook innards than performance gaming brains, but Razer is hoping to change that with a new concept and new prototype. Dubbed Project Fiona for now, the company is looking […]

iPhone 5 Reportedly Sent to Carriers For Testing

apple armored car

In the latest installment of “The iPhone 5 is Coming Soon,” we have news that the iPhone 5 has been sent to wireless carriers for field testing. This is typically one of the last stages of a new release, and is in line with other rumors we have heard of a September or October launch. […]

iPhone 4 with Plastic Case May Target Cheap Android Phones

iPhone 4 Prototype with Plastic instead of glass Leaked

Some pictures of what claims to be a prototype version of the iPhone 4 made with a plastic housing instead of glass were leaked by a Vietnamese site that gained notoriety by releasing photos of early iPhone 4 prototypes, a prototype of the iPod Touch with a camera, and others. The translation posted at MacRumors […]

Would You Buy This iPhone 5 Prototype?

iPhone 5 Prototype

Gizmodo has posted a nifty little iPhone prototype done by Antoine Brieux and I have to say, it’s a pretty good looking design and one that I honestly would be on board with should something like it arrive in the form of the iPhone 5. What you see here is a uni-body metal casing and […]

Dell’s Prototype 7-Inch Tablet with Sliding Keyboard Leaks Out


Images of a prototype of Dell’s 7-inch tablet with a hardware sliding keyboard mechanism have begun to surface on the Internet. The tablet is an interesting one as it has not appeared on Dell’s previously leaked roadmap, and the keyboard is not the typical staggered or grid keyboard that is marketed to touch-typists, but rather […]

White iPhone 4 Spotted Running on T-Mobile Network

Apple iPhone 4 on T-Mobile

Below is a picture of a white iPhone 4 and it is running on T-Mobile. Boy Genius got pictures of a prototype. We now know that a white iPhone is finally coming. Boy Genius says that this iPhone 4 is powered by a “test version of Apple’s iOS” with some special apps that are not […]

LG Has No Definitive Plans for MeeGo Phones


While LG was the first to come out with a concept prototype smartphone to showcase Intel’s Moblin OS–an operating system that has since been folded, merged, and combined with Nokia’s Maemo OS to create the MeeGo OS–the company has yet to release and commercial hardware to support either Moblin or MeeGo. However, a recent article […]