How to Find a PS4 in Stock Online or in a Local Store

Find a PS4 in stock at a local store like Walmart or Best Buy with these tools.

The PS4 release date is finally here and while many gamers braved midnight release events to get the console, the day is just getting started. The midnight release was the best time to get a PS4 without a pre-order, but there are still consoles available according to several store trackers. If you want to buy […]

PS4 Release Date Tips for Buyers

PS4 release holiday shopping

The PS4 release date is later tonight for most buyers who ordered for in store pickup at a Best Buy or other midnight launch retail location, and sometime Friday November 15th for those who ordered online. We’re excited to see that Amazon is shipping the PlayStation 4 as you read this and we’ve rounded up […]

PS4 Release Date Expectations

PS4 prices on eBay are high for release day delivery.

The PS4 release date is just days away and PS4 game deals are already arriving today to celebrate the arrival of the cheaper console which beats the Xbox One to market by a week. The PS4 release is the first new PlayStation since 2006, which means some gamers and parents may be out of touch […]

PS4 Games Deal: Buy 2 Get 1 Free for PS4 Release Date Delivery

Ps4 and Xbox One release release date games are Buy Two Get One Free at Target.

The PS4 release games include a collection of anticipated titles like Killzone: Shadow Fall, Call of Duty: Ghosts and favorites like Madden 25 and FIFA 14 which won’t set gamers back as much as they might expect thanks to a number of PS4 release game deals which include top titles. The PS4 release date is […]

PS4 Release Date Stock Details, Plus Pre-Orders Before Christmas

Many Best Buy stores will open at midnight for the PS4 release date, offering some to users who did not pre-order.

PS4 Release Date pre-orders are long gone, but new stock reports from multiple retailers suggest there is still a chance to go to a PS4 midnight release to buy a console without waiting. We are also hearing about a new PS4 pre-order that promises to deliver a PlayStation 4 to you before Christmas. Sony started […]

PS4 Release Date Could Beat Xbox One By A Month

PlayStation 4

The PS4 release date could arrive a month ahead of the Xbox One release, adding to the appeal of Sony’s new PlayStation 4, which is already $100 cheaper than Microsoft’s new console. Sony has not announced an official PS4 release date yet, only promising that the PlayStation 4 will be on store shelves in time […]

PS4 Release Date Leak: Too Late to Believe

The PS4 release date is not likely delayed until December 13th.

A new PS4 release date rumor points to a release in mid-December, two weeks after an Xbox One release date. The latest rumor comes from the Toys R Us UK website which lists release dates for the Xbox One and PS4 in November and December 2013. Microsoft and Sony announced their next generation consoles earlier […]

PS4 Release Date Teased by Sony

Sony teases a PS4 release date.

Sony teased a PS4 release date today sharing an image on Twitter that points to a PS4 release in early November. November already looks good for a PS4 release date as it gives Sony enough time to get the console in hands, and to replenish stock, before the holidays arrive in full force and it […]

PS4 Release Date: All Signs Point to November 13

A poster at a major retailer shows a PS4 release date of November 2013.

The PS4 release date is the biggest remaining question for fans who plan to buy the PS4 on day one, and it appears that a retailer let the PS4 release date slip in a sign spotted in Amsterdam. An in-store display shows a PS4 poster which says, “Release: 13 November 2013″ and a photo of […]