Psion Countersues Intel in the Ongoing Netbook Naming Wars

It looks like the lawyers for Intel and Psion (and I’m guessing Dell) are keeping themselves busy in the ongoing Netbook Naming Wars. If you recall, Psion Teklogix had decided to take back its trademark on the name Netbook, long after most believe it had become a generic enough term in the mobile computing space. […]

Psion Responds Again in the Netbook Naming Wars

Geez, I take a long lunch so I can go lay on the chiropractor’s table for a little work out and Psion Teklogix decides to respoind about the recent legal actions from Dell and Intel. As expected, Psion doesn’t look to be giving up without a figh. In fact they are tossing out some of […]

Dell Challenges Psion on Netbook Trademark

The Netbook naming wars just heated up a bit, but I’m guessing the lawyers still want to make some money out of this. Dell has entered he fray and has filed a Petition to Cancel essentially saying that Psion Teklogix has abandoned the use of its trademark, and also throwing in a fraud charge as […]

Psion Responds about Netbook Trademark


Back in the day (yeah, it was so long ago, like not even a year) when the machines everyone now calls Netbooks began rolling out like ants out of a mound smelling sugar, many of my posts about these devices contained what I thought at the time was a humorous jab at the confusion over […]