HTC Jetstream LTE Tablet Headed to AT&T for $699 On-Contract

HTC Jetstream

We’ve been waiting for the HTC Puccini tablet to get official for quite sometime now and finally AT&T has coughed up the goods giving us the official name, specifications, pricing, and release date. There’s good and bad news here so why don’t we start with the good news. The good news is that AT&T revealed […]

HTC Puccini Tablet to Hit AT&T as HTC Jetstream?

HTC Puccini

We knew that the name HTC Puccini would not be the final retail name for HTC’s upcoming 10-inch 4G LTE tablet for AT&T and now, finally, we have a pretty good lead on what the name of the device will be. Pocketnow is reporting that the device will be called the HTC Jetstream when it […]

First Peek of HTC’s 10″ Tablet

Aside from Amazon’s tablet, one of the most-aniticipated upcoming Android slates is HTC’s 10-incher, codenamed “Puccini.” Today, courtesy of BGR, we have our first real glimpses of what the tablet will look like. Fans of HTC will feel right at home here, as the slate has the familiar style of the Taiwanese manufacturer. The front […]

HTC Puccini Passes FCC on Its Way to AT&T’s 4G LTE Network

HTC Puccini

It has been awhile since we heard from AT&T’s rumored LTE Android tablet, the HTC Puccini, but today it has reemerged back onto the scene in a big way as Engadget has caught it passing through the FCC with, you guessed it, LTE radios on board. The filing reveals a bunch of things including a […]

HTC Puccini 4G LTE Tablet for AT&T Gets More Details

HTC Puccini

Last we heard from the HTC Puccini was back at the beginning of May when it surfaced in an image and revealed itself as a 4G LTE tablet destined for AT&T. However, details were scarce. Fortunately, a few more details have leaked out and they have cleared up a couple of important things. The HTC […]

HTC Puccini, 10-inch LTE Tablet for AT&T, Gets Pictured (Image)

HTC Puccini

An image of the HTC Puccini, a codename for what is purportedly a 10-inch LTE Android tablet destined for AT&T, has surfaced today. Details on the device are light with speculation resting on the tablet being an Android 3.0 Honeycomb device with HTC Scribe technology meaning it would use the same stylus that the HTC […]