Nokia Releases Fake PureView Video Demo

Screen Shot 2012-09-05 at 3.44.03 PM

Instead of releasing legit demonstrations of the PureView camera that’s a centerpiece of the new Nokia Lumia 920, the company used what appears to be professional video equipment to produce misleading demonstration videos. Nokia has the most advanced camera phone technology on the market, but apparently that’s not good enough. The Nokia Lumia 920 is the […]

Nokia Lumia 920 Hands On Videos Arrive, Show off PureView In Action

Lumia 920 Hands On

The Nokia Lumia 920 Windows Phone 8 is finally official and we can share some of the first hands on videos. These Lumia 920 hands on videos come from Nokia and Microsoft, so they aren’t critical like the hands on videos we’ll see later today, but they are worth sharing. Read: Lumia 920 Announced These […]

Nokia Lumia Windows Phone 8 Handset Coming with PureView?


At least one of the new Nokia Lumia smartphones with Windows Phone 8 could be coming with Nokia’s PureView camera technology. According to MyNokiaBlog, Nokia teased the possibility on Twitter. The Finnish company’s official Twitter account tweeted out an interesting response to a fan interested in the new Lumia devices saying that he should keep […]

Nokia’s September 7 Event Won’t Debut New Phones


When we had reported that Nokia has something planned for September 7, there were speculations that Nokia may introduce new smartphone models or perhaps debut some tantalizing new information about Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 as the scheduled date falls just after the Nokia World conference closes. However, as we find out, September 7 will not […]

Nokia 808 PureView First Impressions: Photo Samples

Nokia 808 PureView Photo Sample 1

The Nokia 808 PureView is finally available in the U.S. as an unlocked smartphone. The Symbian phone sells for $699 with no contract, and can run on any GSM carrier like AT&T or T-Mobile. The main feature on the Nokia 808 PureView is not the device’s screen or its operating system. No, the main feature […]

Nokia Exec Hints at Windows Phone Lumia With PureView Coming Soon


Nokia has made it no secret that it intends to bring its PureView imaging technology found on its Symbian-powered Nokia 808 smartphone to its Windows Phone Lumia lineup in the past. Now, it seems that the date where a Lumia PureView Windows Phone smartphone would debut is getting closer as Nokia VP of Worldwide Developer […]

Nokia 808 PureView Now Available for Pre-order, Ships July 8

Nokia PureView 808 Available for Pre-order

Nokia’s latest Symbian smartphone is coming to the United States, and potential users can pre-order the phone now on The Nokia 808 PureView costs $699.99, and will ship on July 8. The phone is only available unlocked in the U.S., no carrier will offer a subsidy for the device. Users that are willing to shell […]

Nokia Confirms PureView Technology for Windows Phones

Nokia Confirms PureView Technology for Windows Phones

Nokia has confirmed that its PureView camera technology will be headed to Windows Phones at some point in the future. Chris Weber, Nokia’s U.S. President, confirmed the good news in an interview with Howard Chui of the popular site, Howard’s Forums. In the lengthy interview, which was first reported by WPSauce, Weber says that PureView […]

Nokia 808 PureView Launch Delayed in UK?

Nokia 808 PureView Launch Delayed in UK?

It looks like the launch of the Nokia 808 PureView has been delayed in the United Kingdom. According to MyNokiaBlog, the Nokia 808 PureView, which sports a massive 41-megapixel camera, has been delayed until mid-July in the UK. This is according to retailer Clove UK who apparently won’t be fulfilling pre-orders until that time. Originally, […]

Image Possibly Outs Nokia Windows Phone with PureView

Nokia PureLambda

An image from a Lumia 800 running WP Bench shows four Nokia code names that could hint at future Nokia Windows Phone handsets. The image was first shared on My Nokia Blog, and it shows four Nokia smartphones with Greek names that we haven’t seen before. Those names include Nokia Phi, Nokia Pure Phi, Nokia […]

Nokia Details The Making of The 808 PureView

Nokia PureView 808 Available for Pre-order

A new Nokia video details the Nokia 808 PureView’s  journey from conception to the final product. Nokia spent five years developing the phone  before unveiling it at Mobile Word Congress this year. The Nokia 808 PureView is Nokia’s latest Symbian smartphone with a gigantic 41MP camera. The images we’ve seen from the phone are impressive, as is the […]

Nokia 808 PureView Hands On

Photo taken with the Nokia 808 PureView

The Nokia 808 PureView, while not a juggernaut of a device, is certainly one of the more interesting smartphones of 2012. The reason is, it sports an absolutely massive 41 mega-pixel camera with a Carl Zeiss sensor. We were able to go hands-on with the Symbian-powered (you read that right) Nokia 808 PureView at CTIA […]

Nokia 808 PureView Price Set at $711 from Clove

Nokia PureView 808 Available for Pre-order

Nokia recently started taking pre-orders for the 808 PureView, the Symbian phone with a 41MP camera. Today the phone is available for pre-order from Clove UK for anybody that wants to buy one, even Americans. According to PhoneArena, Clove UK is now selling pre-orders for the Nokia 808 PureView for $711. The phone actually costs £449 excluding […]

Nokia PureView Technology Coming to Windows Phone

Nokia PureView Technology Confirmed for Windows Phone

Just a short time ago, we told you (once again) that the Nokia 808 PureView, the phone with the 41MP camera, will not be launching in the U.S. However, we along with many others have speculated that Nokia has plans to bring that camera technology to its Windows Phone lineup and sure enough, the company […]