Quirky and Fab Create iPhone 5 Accessories In Just 24 Hours

Quicky and Fav iPhone 5 accesories

*+-When Apple announced the iPhone 5 some companies already had their new accessories ready-made, but Quirky and Fab had a different idea. The two companies teamed up to create new iPhone 5 accessories in just one day, and the result is seven distinct and interesting accessories. To create the new accessories the companies used Quirky’s […]

Cipher Credit Card Stylus Looking for Launch Support on Quirky


*+-The Cipher is a credit card shaped stylus for your touch screen device like the iPad or iPhone or Android tablet or smartphone. Quirky wants users to let them know if this product deserves to show up in their store and how much you’d spend. Its part of their new Quirky Evaluation beta program. Quirky […]

Gift Guide: Best Quirky Mobile Tech Accessories


*+-Quirky is one of my favorite websites to shop because the products there are so spot-on useful. That’s probably because everything is conceived and designed by real people who have great ideas but not the infrastructure to turn that idea into reality on their own. Of all the Quirky products I own or have tested […]