New MacBook Air to Deliver “Lightning Quick” Performance in 2014

new MacBook Air performance

Apple is reportedly planning a new MacBook Air 2014 model that will likely use a new type of technology to deliver better performance and battery life to users. Apple typically updates the MacBook Air in June, and new MacBook Air release date rumors point to an arrival near the Apple WWDC 2014 event on June […]

Samsung’s New Mobile RAM Should Instill Fear in Microsoft


Samsung is updating its new LPDDR4 Mobile DRAM technology, and this should give its premium high end mobile devices, including phones and tablets in the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note ranges, a competitive edge when compared to more traditional PC systems that run Microsoft’s Windows ecosystem. Not only does the new LPDDR4 RAM offer mobile […]

Best iPhone 5 Car Accessories


If you have an iPhone and a long commute to work, or you just need a way to stay connected while on the road, there are some accessories out there that can improve your experience, keep you safe by providing distraction-free driving and integrate the vehicle with the phone. The iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S […]

Samsung Testing New Phone With Whopping 3 GB RAM!


According to a leaked image of a touchscreen Android smartphone inside Samsung’s test lab, the South Korean smartphone manufacturer may be working on a device with 3 GB RAM, which will help applications run smoother and allow users to multitask with aplomb. Just several years ago, 1 GB of RAM was considered the best for […]

Galaxy S III in Japan Will Arrive With 2 GB RAM


It looks like Japanese users of Samsung’s third-generation flagship Android smartphone will be treated to an extra 1 GB of RAM. The Samsung Galaxy S III destined for the Japanese market and headed to carrier DoCoMo will be packing a total of 2 GB RAM, and it’s unclear if Samsung will create a variant of […]

The New iPad May Come With 1 GB RAM


The good news for those who are looking to snatch the new iPad as Apple’s new iOS slate is said to come with 1 GB of RAM, double the amount from the iPad 2. While the iPad 2 does a fine job multitasking its way through the confines of the iOS software, the increase in […]

iPhone 4S with Only 512MB of RAM? Does it Matter?

Apple A5 processor

Does the iPhone 4S only come with 512MB of memory? We won’t know for sure till someone tears down Apple’s new smartphone soon after the October 14th launch. Apple doesn’t always share specs like this unless they could make a crowd of enthusiasts at an Apple press event applaud and cheer. That alone may be […]

iFixit Teardown Reveals Replaceable SSD Hardwired RAM


iFixit already tore apart a new MacBook Air and found that the SSD can in fact be replaced. I tested an SSD upgrade on my 2010 MacBook Air and it is not that hard. It was rumored that the new models would have storage hardwired to the mainboard just like the RAM, making the flash […]

iPad 2 Will Have 512MB of Memory / RAM


We previously reported what looks not to be an erroneous report that the new iPad would only have 256MB of memory (RAM). We could not believe that was true. It now appears it was indeed false. Apple Insider is reporting that an analyst Tweeted that the new iPad has 512MB of Ram. We are not […]

Samsung Introduces Faster LPDDR2 DRAM for Smartphones, Tablets


Samsung has announced faster DRAM memory standards for use in mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. The new LPDDR2 DRAM uses less power, according to Samsung, than existing solutions while at the same time delivering more performance thanks to its 30 nm-class technology. The base model is offered at 4 GB and can transfer data […]