What Is Raspberry Pi 2?

Raspberry Pi 2

The Raspberry Pi 2 was released yesterday, arriving with faster performance and the same low price of $35, but what exactly is the Raspberry Pi 2? That credit card-sized circuit board that you see below isn’t just a component that goes into a much larger computer. It’s actually its own computer altogether, and it’s called […]

Win The Chance To Do Awesome Things With The Raspberry Pi For Free

Win The Chance To Do Awesome Things With The Raspberry Pi For Free

At the end of February, the highly anticipated Raspberry Pi mini computer launched and immediately sold out. In fact, the first batch of model B Raspberry Pi units have yet to ship out due to a hardware parts substitution that was made, by accident, at the factory that produces it. As of right now, it’s […]

Raspberry Pi On Sale This Morning, Out Of Stock Within Minutes

Raspberry Pi

Today the big day finally came for people who’ve been drooling over the Raspberry Pi mini computer. At 6AM GMT (1AM Eastern) the front page of the developers’ site changed from their blog to a static page with all the launch details, including where people could finally purchase the product. However, as with all highly […]

Raspberry Pi, A $25 Pocket Computer That Isn’t A Smartphone

raspberry pi

Here on GBM we spend a lot of time talking about small, mobile computing devices, but they usually take the form of tablets and smartphones and the like and occasionally laptops. But there are other types of small computers as well. The kind that act like their larger counterparts but still fit in the palm […]