Razer Nabu X Offers Fitness Tracking at an Affordable Price


*+-The Razer Nabu fitness tracking wearable now has a cheaper brother. The Nabu X is a slightly dumbed-down version of the original Nabu wristband, but it mostly just gets rid of the display in order to keep the cost down, and replaces it with three LEDs. The three LEDs light up based upon the type of […]

Razer Nabu Smart Band: Notifications, Fitness and Social on Your Wrist

Two screens allow the Nabu to show a public facing notification and a second private facing screen with more information.

*+-The Razer Nabu is a new wearable device from a company best known for gaming accessories and devices with a focus on delivering notifications, tracking the data you want tracked and connecting to other users through a social component. While CES 2014 is overrun with wearable technology and smart watches, Razer designed the Nabu to […]