Listeria Fears Show Benefit of Recall Apps

Sample box of CostCo Peaches and Nectarines as part of the listeria recall.

A nationwide recall of peaches, plums and nectarines over Listeria fears highlights the benefit of recall apps that can alert users to potentially dangerous food fast. In this most recent recall worries of Listeria contamination prompts the recall of several types of fruit and also in Wegman’s baked goods. This recall is over due to […]

Fitbit Force Recall: What Owners Need to Know

Fitbit Force

Fitbit has announced that it will recall its new Force fitness wristband due to the device’s material causing skin irritation for a number of owners. Last month, multiple owners came forward claiming that the Fitbit Force was causing irritating rashes to form on the wrist of the wearers. One owner in particular said that when […]

Apple Recalls Some MacBook Air SSDs, Get Yours Replaced


Apple has announced that it’s recalling some MacBook Airs that were¬†bought between June 2012 and June 2013 due to faulty solid-state drives that may be vulnerable to failing at any time, specifically 64GB and 128GB models. Obviously, this is kind of a big deal, since all of your precious is data on that solid-state drive, […]

Best Buy MacBook Batteries Being Recalled for Fire Hazard

Removing the battery cover on earlier MacBook Pro unibody models.

Best Buy is now recalling batteries for Apple’s MacBook line of notebook computers as the batteries present risks for explosion or fire hazards. The recalled batteries are not official batteries sold and made by Apple, Inc. Rather, these batteries are made by a company called ATG and bear the ATG logo. 5,100 batteries are affected […]

Mophie, Best Buy Recalling iPhone, iPod Touch Extended Battery Charging Cases


Following an incident of an incinerating iPhone aboard an Australian commercial jet, there now seems to be some electrical problems affecting third-party accessories sold by Mophie and Best Buy as well. The affected products are cases with a built-in extended battery into the shell of the case allowing users to use their iPhones or iPod […]

Is Apple Recalling Verizon’s CDMA iPad 2 Mid-Shipment?


Consumers who have purchased the CDMA version of Apple’s iPad 2 for Verizon’s network are reporting that Apple is recalling its popular tablet mid-shipment from China before they reach their doorsteps. Various customers account that upon tracking FedEx’s system, they found that delivery exceptions were listed in the system and that the courier is stating […]