Galaxy Note 3 Region-Lock a Mistake, Says Samsung

Galaxy Note 3 Hidden Features

Samsung has admitted that region-locking its devices was ultimately a mistake, and while the company doesn’t plan to unlock its devices, it’s making an effort to optimize the painstaking process in the future in order to simplify it for consumers. Essentially, for those unfamiliar with this situation, some newer Samsung devices aren’t able to be used […]

Mango Expands Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 International Reach

We’ve also created new keyboards for typing in East Asian languages such as Japanese

Windows Phone 7’s Mango software update will help Microsoft expand its reach and target more markets internationally, adding more language support, additional localized keyboards, and also bring its Windows Phone Marketplace app store to more countries. When Windows Phone 7 was launched, Microsoft announced support for 5 languages–English (U.S. and UK), French, German, Spanish, and […]