HTC One M9 Update Improves Camera & Battery Life


This week a brand new update started rolling out to the popular HTC One M9 smartphone aimed at improving a few key aspects of the phone that have received the most criticism. Those being the camera, battery life, and general device performance. Back in March HTC announced the One M9 aimed at replacing the HTC […]

Moto G Deal Chops Price to Insane Low


The first Moto G announced and released by Motorola back in 2013 was the most successful smartphone released in history for the company, and with good reason. It was a well-rounded Android smartphone with the latest software, decent hardware, and an extremely wallet-friendly price. However, a new model is here, and now a huge deal […]

LG G2 Android 5.0 Lollipop Update: What to Expect


Over the course of the past few weeks we’ve finally started to see movement and news regarding the LG G3 Android 5.0 Lollipop update. However, those with the original LG G2 have been left out in the cold, and the details are still extremely light. That said, we’ve recently seen some progress regarding the LG […]

Nexus 5 Back in Stock on Google Play


Months before the Nexus 6 was released back in November on the Google Play Store Google’s popular flagship smartphone from last year, the Nexus 5, went out of stock and never returned. This was our first sign that a new Nexus smartphone was coming soon, and lately we’ve heard Google will end production of the […]

HTC One M9 Rumors & Specs Emerge


When it comes to high end premium flagship smartphones the HTC One M8 this year was one of the best, right up there with the Galaxy S5 and iPhone 6, but all good things eventually get replaced. New rumors and details have emerged this week about what’s next from HTC, that being the new HTC […]

Galaxy S5 Google Play Edition with Android 5.0 Teased

Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 2.13.37 PM

Yesterday Google announced the new Nexus 6, a Nexus 9 tablet, and its latest Android 5.0 Lollipop software update, but that might not be all the company has planned. Earlier this year rumors of a Galaxy S5 Google Play Edition surfaced multiple times, and it looks like it could be coming after all. The Galaxy […]

iPhone 6 Release Day Pre-Orders Still Not Delivered

Screenshot 2014-09-20 14.23.06

A small portion of iPhone 6 buyers that ordered phones for release day delivery are still waiting around for FedEx or UPS. In some cases, it appears that delivery drivers simply ran out of time to make final deliveries. In other cases, issues with wireless carriers’ systems prevented Apple from shipping out orders on time. […]

HTC One Mini 2 Leaks with Duo Camera Missing


Before the all-new HTC One M8 became official back in March, rumors were swirling about the smartphone arriving with a smaller option at the same time, dubbed the HTC One M8 Mini. However, March 25th came and the HTC One M8 was announced and released the same day, with no word on a smaller variant […]

AT&T Samsung Galaxy S5 Release Date Comes Early for Some

AT&T Galaxy S5 Release Early

The AT&T Galaxy S5 release date is officially set for April 11th, but for many users that took part in the Galaxy S5 pre-order it will arrive as soon as April 9th. AT&T lists the Galaxy S5 ship date as April 8th, and users that pre-ordered the Galaxy S5 in March received shipment notifications this […]

Earliest Galaxy S5 Release Date Rumored

A new rumor suggest the earliest possible Galaxy S5 release date according to a supplier.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 launch event is next Monday when we will see the new device for the first time on stage. Consumers want to know what the Samsung Galaxy S5 looks like, but they also want to know when the Galaxy S5 release date is, so they can buy the new phone. Many shoppers […]

Google Play Store Changes Prepare For Nexus 5 Launch

Screen Shot 2013-10-30 at 3.48.35 PM

If the latest tips, reports, and suggestions are correct Google will be unveiling the new Nexus 5 smartphone and Android 4.4 KitKat sometime tomorrow, followed by a release in early November. We’ve heard November 1st multiple times, everything is lined up and ready to go, and today Google’s made some key changes to the Play […]

iPad mini 2 Release May Not Arrive til December due to Retina

The iPad mini 2 could see shortages and a possible delay thanks to a new Retina Display.

While rumors suggest Apple is planning an iPad mini 2 release date for early November, multiple analyst reports suggest the iPad mini 2 with Retina Display could come later in the year thanks to supply issues. Apple is holding an event on October 22nd, and one report claims the iPad mini 2 release could come […]

Mac Pro Release Nears as Apple Posts Teaser Video

Apple shows the first ad for the new Mac Pro, with a Fall 2013 release teaser at the end.

The Mac Pro release date is getting closer as Apple posted a new Mac Pro video late Friday teasing viewers with glimpses of the new design and not much else. The video didn’t hint at a Mac Pro price, which could be as much as a cheap new car when maxed out, but it does deliver […]

Verizon HTC One Finally On Sale in Store and Online

The Verizon HTC One release date finally arrives.

The Verizon HTC One release date is finally here, and the all metal aluminum HTC One is available online and in Verizon stores for $199 on a two-year contract. Verizon and HTC announced the HTC One in June, but it took several months for the Verizon HTC One with 4G LTE and Android 4.2.2 to arrive […]

iPhone 5S Release Date Reportedly Set for September with iPhone 5C

The iPhone 5S release date is set for September alongside a budget iPhone 5C release date according to a new report that cites sources inside Hon Hai Precision, better known as Foxconn, a known Apple partner that hand-assembles the iPhone and iPad. Apple is working on a flagship iPhone 5S with a design similar to […]

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Release: Insider Tips Production in August

This could be a photo of a Galaxy Note 3 or a Note 3 prototype.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 release is likely set for shortly after September based on a plethora of rumors, and the latest comment from a company insider lines up with what we’ve been hearing. Samsung is as predictable as Apple when it comes to the Galaxy Note launches, which is why a September Galaxy Note […]

Xbox One Price and Release: UK Retailer Starts Xbox One Pre-Orders

The Xbox One price is set at £399.99 in the UK at a third-party retailer, but it is subject to change.

The Xbox One price and release are in flux, but this morning one UK retailer is setting up shop and taking Xbox One pre-orders with a price and release date. It’s common to see third-party retailers offer up early pre-orders and pricing information on hot electronic items, but keep in mind that these Xbox One price and […]

Nexus 7 2 Release Pegged for July

A new report claims the new Nexus 7 will arrive in July.

The Nexus 7 2 release date could land in July according to a new report based on supply chain leaks which also claims Google is planning to sell 6-8 million new Nexus 7 devices in the second half of 2013. Many expected Google would announce the new Nexus 7 at Google I/O yesterday, but the […]

Samsung Galaxy S4 Popularity Blamed for Release Delays (Video)

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is facing delays due to high demand.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 release is not going off as smoothly as Samsung hoped, as multiple carriers are pushing back the Galaxy S4 release dates for online sales and for in store launches. According to Samsung, the Galaxy S4 delays are tied to overwhelming demand in the new smartphone, and not supply chain issues, though […]

iPhone 5S: Production Nears as Foxconn Hires Thousands

Apple could stack a dual-LED flash with a slightly larger flash next to on the back of the iPhone 5S.

Work is reportedly ramping up at Foxconn, where thousands of workers are joining the company in an effort to ramp up for the impending iPhone 5S production, which could start in the next 60 days. Multiple reports claim the company which partners with Apple to make the iPhone is hiring 10,000 workers a week to […]