New iMac Release Date Set for Friday

New iMac Release Date

The new iMac release date is set for Friday November 30th, barely hitting Apple’s announced November release, but putting to bed rumors the new iMac models would face a delay until 2013. The 21-inch iMac goes on sale online and in-store on Friday November 30th and starts shipping immediately. Users can also order the new […]

TaskRabbit Will Stand in Line for Your iPhone 5 for $55

Task rabbit

When the iPhone 5 release date rolls around on September 21st there will no doubt be lines at Apple Stores across the country. Waiting in line on a Friday is hardly a good use of time, but for users that don’t plan to pre-order the iPhone 5 it may be the only way to get […]

Droid Bionic Official, Available Sept 8th for $299

Motorola Droid Bionic Official

The long wait is over folks. Verizon has officially announced the Droid Bionic with a two year contract price of $299 and availability on September 8th at Verizon Wireless. Now that you have the important details, you can skip over to our Droid Bionic review for everything you need to know before you buy. Spoiler […]

Why You Shouldn’t Buy an iPhone Right Now

dont get iphone right now

You may have noticed that prices are dropping on iPhones. Target and Radio Shack recently dropped the iPhone 4 down to $169.99 for the base model. Target did one better by selling the same one for $149.99. Heck, even the iPhone 3GS is getting a price cut (down to $20 at Target). While these offers […]

Apple Gearing Up Retail Employees for Early Fall iPhone 5 Launch

iPhone5 2 w watermark

Apple has asked retail store locations to get their staff in shape for a big fall season, possibly to get ready for an influx of iPhone 5 customers. The iPhone 5 is expected to launch this fall with iOS 5. Based on new information about Apple store hires, it is possible that we could see […]

Gameloft’s Max Payne Clone ’9mm’ Lands on iOS


They may not be the most original developer in the world, but Gameloft (see our list of top Gameloft clone games) sure knows how to bring console experiences to mobile devices. They previously tackled the Grand Theft Auto franchise with their Gangstar series, but now they’re now taking on another Rockstar title – Max Payne. […]