Colorful Low-Cost iPhone Now Rendered With High Details


After a number of successive leaks detailing the colorful back side of the low-cost iPhone model, there are now mock-ups created of Apple’s entry-level smartphone that may launch this fall alongside the highly anticipated iPhone 5S flagship. Though the design of the low-cost model is said to be similar to Apple’s recent generation of iPod […]

What the iPhone 5 May Look Like: Our Favorite iPhone 5 Mock Ups

iphone 5 in colors

Few people will know what the iPhone 5 will look like until Apple announces the next iPhone and provides a solid release date. This doesn’t mean we haven’t seen a fair share of mock ups that imagine what the iPhone 5 will look like. Many of these artist renderings and videos are to the extreme, and include […]

Is This What Amazon’s Tablet Will Look Like?

Amazon Tablet wm

We have all known for a while now that Amazon has a tablet in the queue. Today the Wall Street Journal shed some more light on the subject with word that the slate will be arriving “by October.” So we decided to put our Photoshop skills to use and show you what we think the […]

Our 3G iPod Touch Concept is Thinner & Better for Skype

ipod touch w skype wm

Within the last week the tech blogs have been abuzz about a rumor that the next generation’s iPod touch might support 3G data. Naturally, artists’ concepts started popping up to give readers an idea of what it may look like. We always appreciate visual interpretations of new gadgets, but we thought we could do one better […]

Nokia Shows Off Concept Windows Phone 7 Device

IMG 14501 660x495 Nokia Shows Off Another Windows Phone Concept at MWC

Now that the Nokia and Microsoft partnership has been announced, Nokia went ahead and showed off some concept hardware that may or may not get released. The vivid colors on Nokia’s Windows Phone 7 renderings are reminiscent of those that debuted with the company’s Nokia N8, while the curved form factor resembles the Nokia C7 […]