Republic Wireless Proposes Specs for Device Lineup for Its $20 a Month Plan


*+-Wireless newcomer and challenger Republic Wireless, which may be successful in uprooting the current voice and data plan offerings from today’s carriers, has now offered a glimpse of the devices that it hopes to offer in its lineup. The unique thing about Republic Wireless versus other prepaid carriers or MVNOs is that the carrier piggybacks […]

Republic Wireless Now Offering True Unlimited, $20 Price Per Month Remains


*+-MVNO mobile service provider Republic Wireless, which launched with a strings-attached fair use unlimited offering for $20 per month, entered a lot of heat when customers and press found out that its definition of unlimited voice and data meant unlimited over WiFi. The company has heard user complaints and has changed its policies in a gesture […]

Republic Wireless Offers $19 a Month ‘Unlimited’ Plans Without Contracts

republic wireless

*+-The competition for no contract, low cost smartphones just get a hell of a lot more interesting today thanks to the launch of Republic Wireless. Republic Wireless‘ new “unlimited” everything plan offers unlimited calling, texting and data usage all for $19 a month. It can do this by catering to customers who spend most of their time on […]