Samsung Not Interested in Buying RIM

BlackBerry Bold 9900

Earlier today, we reported on a rumor that stated that RIM was in discussions with Samsung about a possible buyout of the company. That rumor, according to Samsung, is completely false. Company spokesperson James Chung has told Reuters that not only has the company not been contacted by Research in Motion but that Samsung is […]

RIM Eying Samsung for Buyout?


With its BlackBerry 10 operating system and hardware delayed until the middle of 2012, it’s no surprise that we’re seeing a report that RIM is not only in talks with companies to license its operating system but is apparently leaning towards selling divisions of the company or even the entire company outright. And right now, […]

Microsoft, Nokia, Amazon All Eyeing an Acquisition of RIM


The latest leaks suggest that Amazon and a Microsoft-Nokia partnership may both be looking to acquire Canadian smartphone Research in Motion. After slumping stock prices and declining market share for the company’s BlackBerry smartphone and PlayBook tablet, Research in Motion is struggling to stay competitive in the market with touch competition from Apple’s iOS platform, […]

Next-Generation BlackBerry OS Called BlackBerry 10


Research in Motion had intended on calling its next-generation BlackBerry operating system BBX, a name that would have merged the QNX and BlackBerry OS together, but due to losing a legal fight for trademark infringement BBX is no more. Instead, RIM is naming the next-generation OS BlackBerry 10, essentially spelling out the Roman numeral ‘X.’ […]

RIM’s BBX Code Name World Tour Leaks

Blackberry Surfboard

While having recently lost a bulk of its smartphone market share in recent years, RIM is hoping to conquer the world with its BBX OS come 2012. BlackBerry-dedicated site CrackBerry had recently come across a few leaked code names for some upcoming BBX devices for 2012, all of which bear the names of world-famous cities. […]

BlackBerry 7 Smartphone Sales Slow Before Holiday Season


With the holiday shopping season about to kick into high gear with Black Friday around the corner, sales of Research in Motion’s smartphones running the BlackBerry 7 operating system are beginning to slow following an early promising start. According to Canaccord Genuity analyst Michael Walkley, retail checks for BlackBerry sales across major U.S. carriers are […]

PlayBook Now On Fire Sale at Best Buy as Kindle Fire Launches


With the launch of the Kindle Fire, both through Amazon and Best Buy recently, it looks like Best Buy is discounting Research in Motion’s BlackBerry PlayBook. Various reports online show that the 16 GB model could be purchased at $199.99, the 32 GB model at $299.99 and the 64 GB model at a surprising $229.99, […]

Porsche Design P’9981 Smartphone From BlackBerry Now Official


Research in Motion and Porsche Design have now made the Porsche Design P’9981 smartphone from BlackBerry now official. The P’9981 is essentially the BlackBerry Bold 9900 series with a different external shell to highlight Porsche Design’s minimalist industrial design. This will be RIM’s first collaboration with a luxury brand to release a smartphone and RIM […]

BlackBerry Knight: A Collaboration Between RIM and Porsche Design


The BlackBerry Knight has been leaked before, revealing an angular shaped BlackBerry smartphone with specs matching those of Research in Motion’s latest flagship Bold 9900 series. In what was previously dubbed by some as ‘the ugliest BlackBerry,’ we now know that the device is a collaboration between RIM from the technology perspective and Porsche Design’s […]

Sprint BlackBerry Curve 9350 Delayed Until October


Sprint had just announced that its newly unveiled BlackBerry Curve 9350¬†is missing its targeted September launch date. The non-touchscreen BlackBerry 7 OS smartphone will instead be launching a few weeks later on October 2nd, according to the Now Network, due to ‘unexpected circumstances.’ The Curve 9350, while being a consumer-centric smartphone with the Bold series […]

RIM’s Newest BlackBerry Smartphones Captivates Enterprise Customers, But Fails to Excite Consumers


RIM’s latest BlackBerry push–an aggressive one with many models available on multiple carriers running the latest BlackBerry 7 operating system–may still present troublesome news for the Canadian smartphone-maker. Despite garnering a lot of buzz and interest,¬†Canaccord Genuity presents its findings that these smartphones fail to excite consumer interest, despite better hardware and the inclusion of […]

T-Mobile USA Discounts BlackBerry Bold 9900 Pricing for RIM Developers


If you’re a BlackBerry developer and are interested in T-Mobile USA’s network, you may want to check out the new BlackBerry Bold 9900. The device is offered for a stiff $300 to consumers, but T-Mobile is willing to sell the flagship BlackBerry smartphone to developers for only $199, giving the device a $100 discount. The […]

RIM Preparing for Major BlackBerry PlayBook OS Update?


Leaked images of a BlackBerry PlayBook running the BlackBerry Tablet OS 2.0 are now beginning to emerge from Sun Yat-sen University. The update to version 2.0 brings with it many long-awaited features to RIM’s debut tablet, which launched without many apps and the most important¬†omission is a suite of PIM apps, which the tablet-maker had […]

BlackBerry Torch 9850 Shows Up in Verizon Retail Poster


Verizon Wireless may soon be launching the BlackBerry Torch 9850, a device that would replace the carrier’s Storm franchise with Research in Motion. The Torch 9850 was spotted in a poster in a Verizon Wireless retail store alongside the Android-powered Sony Ericsson XPERIA Play smartphone. It’s unclear when Verizon will launch the Torch. The U.S. […]

BlackBerry Bold 9930 First Impressions: Achilles Heel is Battery Life


There’s no denying that the BlackBerry Bold 9930 is Research in Motion’s best BlackBerry smartphone to date, combining the favorite and capacious keyboard of the historic Bold 9000 series with a modern and elegant design, glass touchscreen, optical trackpad, stainless steel band, and beautiful angles that make the design both modern and classic in the […]

RIM Announces Three New Flavors of BlackBerry Curve with OS 7


In addition to having announced a CDMA/GSM world-phone BlackBerry Bold 9930, a GSM BlackBerry Bold 9900, an updated BlackBerry Torch for AT&T, and the new BlackBerry Torch 9850 recently, Research in Motion is now announcing three new flavors of the BlackBerry Curve smartphone. While the Bold lineup is more geared at enterprise professionals, the Curve […]

4 New Smartphones Launched This Weekend on AT&T, Sprint


A total of four new smartphones launched this past weekend for consumer purchase on both Ma Bell and the Now Network in the U.S. Users interested in 3G and 4G devices now have a few more options from both BlackBerry and Android camps on Sprint and AT&T, with the former launching 3 new devices while […]

RIM Makes New Video to Promote an HTC Android Phone?


Research in Motion attempted to make a video in an effort to promote its touchscreen-enabled BlackBerry Torch 9850 handset, but instead the BlackBerry-maker ended up featuring a touchscreen handset from one of its rivals running a rival operating system. Rather than featuring the BlackBerry Torch, the device’s all-touchscreen BlackBerry 7 operating system, and the ease […]