Your Next Smartphone is a French Fry Away From Longer Lasting Batteries

Image via University of Helsinki

That sugar rush  you get when you eat sweet foods can also give your favorite gadgets a major power boost as well it turns out. Researchers are Virginia Tech University are expecting that batteries made from sugary foods–including potatoes–will hit the market within three years. These batteries will not only be safer, more eco-friendly, but […]

Why You Should Just Avoid Siri in the Car: It’s Not Safe

Image courtesy of AAA

While smartphone companies and car-makers are converging to promote new connectivity and inter-connectivity options inside your dash in an effort to espouse safer, hands-free use of technology while driving, you may want to wait before you jump in and get any of those options. According to the latest report by the American Automobile Association, also known […]

Brain Control May be Samsung’s Next Big Thing for Galaxy Phones, Tabs


Samsung is quickly showing that it can create new experiences and user experiences with eye-tracking and smart sensing technologies that were showcased on the Galaxy S4 flagship smartphone, but the next wave of Samsung innovation may bring the sensing to your mind through brain control. Originally conceived of as a way for users with mobility […]

From Content Consumption to Commerce, Tablets Lead Smartphones


In a newly published study, it is found that tablets now lead smartphones in helping to drive e-commerce. While the larger displays of tablets was a driving force behind content consumption in the past, slates are now also driving consumption in commerce as well. According to Monetate, which analyses online commerce, tablets now lead smartphones […]

Phone Calls Not An Important Feature for Smartphone Owners


While smartphones, with its many features, have become versatile computers in our mobile toolkit in recent years, the importance of placing calls on smartphones have seemingly declined as users are now using their phones more for other activities. Phone usage on a smartphone is now trailing usage for browsing the Internet, checking and updating social […]

Touchless Phones to Become the Future for Huawei


When Apple had announced the iPhone in 2007, it brought with it the disruptive technology known as capacitive touchscreen, and since then we’ve seen this employed on a number of handsets using various platforms such as Google’s Android, Microsoft’s Windows Phone, HP/Palm’s webOS, Nokia’s Symbian, and Research in Motion’s BlackBerry OS. Now, it seems that […]

Majority of Americans Now Own Smartphones


U.S. smartphone adoption has grown significantly with the majority of Americans now owning a smartphone compared to a basic feature phone. Pew Internet shows that 53% of American cell phone owners now have a smartphone as of February 2012. The survey finds that 88 percent of Americans own a cell phone, so that figure places […]

Women Outpace Men In Digital Habits, Buying and Engagement

Likelihood of Purchasing CE Devices: men vs. Women Q4 2011

The old stereotype that women are less engaged with technology than men is just that: a stereotype. And, according to research by Parks Associates consultants, untrue. Not only do women engage more online, they’re also more likely than men to buy “hot” tech products and use them for sharing and consuming media. The study says that once women buy a product, be it a smartphone, tablet, TV or laptop, they become heavy users. Not just of the “practical” aspects of the device, but utilizing all of the features available.

In Last Six Months, E-Readers Outgrow Tablets

Growth over time

While quite a few adults–3 percent–own both an e-reader device and a tablet, within the last six months e-reader adoption has outpaced tablet adoption according to the latest study by Pew Internet research. From November 2010 to May 2011, the number of American adults who own an e-reader has doubled to 12 percent from 6 […]

Internet Use Higher Among the Wealthy


A survey of 7,500 Americans conducted by the Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project finds that wealthier Americans use the Internet more. The report published says that 95 percent of the affluent uses the Web at least occasionally, compared to 70% of less wealthy households, and that Americans earning $75,000 annually or higher […]

Gartner study says Apple, RIM and Android are on the move

Picture 4

Its that time once again.  Its time for Gartner to release it figures about worldwide mobile phone sales for 2009. According to the post over at Engadget: Looking at smartphone OS market share alone, Gartner shows the iPhone OS, Android, and RIM making the biggest gains (up 6.2%, 3.4%, and 3.3% from 2008, respectively) at […]

Congratulations to Jeff Pollard, MindManager 8 Winner


We had some awesome entries for our MindManager 8 giveaway. They all clearly showed how indispensible MindManager is to mobile users, and how the new features like embedded browsing and embedded editing are to the research / brainstorming process. Picking a winner proved very difficult and basically came down to randomly choosing among my ten […]

MindJet Releases MindManager 8, GBM Is Giving Away One Free License!


MindJet has officially unveiled MindManager 8, the latest installment to their very popular mindmapping program. There are a ton of new features under the covers that help keep you inside MindManager while brainstorming, researching, planning, and managing projects — keeping all the information you need just a topic away.