Hitachi projected capacitive touchscreens on video


A projected capacitive touchscreen from Hitachi, previously named as a potential iPhone upgrade, sneaked out on a YouTube video from DigInfo. It demonstrates stylus input and contact through gloves, as well as multi-touch input. However, I don’t peg it as being an option for iPhone.

Next iPhone Capacitive Touchscreen Could be Compatible with Glove-Wearing Users


Apple’s next-generation iPhone could utilize a touchscreen display from Hitachi Displays that will work with gloves and other insulators, meaning non-conductive surfaces, in addition to fingertips. The problem with the current generation iPhone is that it requires finger contact, and won’t work with gloves–for users in colder environments, stylus or pens, and other materials, but […]

Resistive vs. Capacitive: Inking Video Demo


Long time Tablet PC user Maraderz has shared via YouTube a demonstration of the ink-friendliness of the Fujitsu UH900 with resistive touchscreen vs. the Lenovo S10-3T with capacitive touchscreen. Both have their advantages, but for inking, the winner is clear (and both would get their pens handed to them by an active digitizer).