Apple 2.0 Retail Strategy Calls On iPad to Sell Other Products

Apple store ipads

As part of the tenth anniversary of Apple entering the retail business with retail stores, the company is now utilizing its iPad tablets as part of its signs and information display to provide information, specs, and other relevant product information of the products that they are trying to sell. Essentially, iPads are now replacing paper and printed […]

Samsung’s NY Store is Looking Good


Apple has the largest network of self-promoting stores of all electronics and PC manufacturers. Microsoft is still building out its retail presence as it’s absent from most metro areas. Sony seems to be downsizing its retail footprint as of late. Samsung sells just about every kind of gizmo under the sun, from tablets to TVs, and is […]

How Will Tablet/Slates Be Displayed in Retail Outlets?


Call it nostalgic wishing and/or dreaming, but this geeks’ heart would love to be able to walk into a Target, Best Buy, Walmart, Verizon Store, AT&T Store, and wherever else we might see Tablets and Slates on sale and see these devices displayed side to side so that potential customers could pick them up and […]

So my Father-in-law Walks Into an Apple Store…


For the past four years we’ve struggled to get my in-laws set up with video conferencing and media sharing. They live in a very small town in Pennsylvania, while three of their kids are in California and a fourth is in Illinois, which means they miss out on quite a bit. I can’t count the […]

Best Buy’s Value Equation: How PCs Make it to Store Shelves

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Our friends from Laptop Magazine interviewed Jason Bonfig, Best Buy’s VP of computing to interview the ‘most important person in the PC industry you’ve probably never heard.’ Bonfig oversees Best Buy’s value equation, a method that determines what PCs are sold in stores and online. What is and isn’t sold by Best Buy can influence […]