Retina iPad Display Still Leads Tablet Screens


Despite Microsoft’s claims about the display on its Surface RT tablet besting the iPad’s Retina Display, DisplaySearch’s findings show that the iPad’s Retina Display, which is utilized on the third generation and fourth generation iPad tablets, still ranks supreme in the tablet display category overall. That said, the Surface still has a great display and […]

The iPad mini Display Looks Fine to Me


The consensus is that the non-Retina display on the iPad mini is anything from not good to horrible depending on who you are reading at the moment. I don’t think I’ve read a review yet that hasn’t talked about it in negative terms, with caveats that many consumers won’t mind. I guess I’m in that […]

Surprise! iPad mini 2 Rumored to Come With Retina Display


Though the iPad mini just went on sale earlier this month for about a week, there are now rumors of an iPad mini 2–or second generation iPad mini. What’s new for the updated slate? For starters, it’s now speculated that Apple would up the resolution of its 7.9-inch tablet with a Retina Display, giving the […]

Will Mid-Cycle iPad 3 Refresh Debut With FaceTime Camera, Bonded Display?


Apple may announce a refresh of the third generation iPad refresh, which is a mid-cycle update, at the same media event that will host the highly anticipated debut of the 7.85-inch iPad Mini later this morning in San Jose, California. Previously, it was rumored that Apple would provide a mid-cycle update to the current third […]

1080p HD Displays Coming to Phablets Soon Thanks to Sharp Displays


Many phablets–or smartphones with a display size of 5-inch–already come with HD displays today, but those screens are limited to a 720p HD resolution. The Android-powered Samsung Galaxy Note, which popularized the category after Dell had released the 5-inch Streak with a WVGA resolution, comes with 720p HD display with 1280 X 800 pixels and […]

Paperwhite is the Amazon Kindle’s Retina Display

Kindle PaperWhite Screen Tech

Today Amazon announced the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite, a new member of the Kindle eReader family with a vastly improved screen. Just like with a tablet, the display is a major factor in how good the device is, and Amazon is striving to set the bar for eReader displays just like Apple set the bar for […]

iPhone 5, iPad Mini Lead 8 Product Fall Launch for Apple, Says Analyst

iPhone 5 launch

Apple is expected to announce a new iPhone in September with a late September iPhone 5 release date, but this is just one of many products Apple will launch this fall according to Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst with KGI Securities who has deep connections to Apple suppliers. Ming-Chi Kuo adds to our speculation that Apple is […]

Apple Selling Refurbished Retina Display iPads For $50 Off

Apple Store Refurbished iPad

Users who want to save a bit of money on the newest iPads should check the refurbished section of Apple’s website. According to 9To5Mac, Apple is now selling refurbished iPads with a $50 cut across all models. The discount cuts 10 percent off the price of the base 16GB iPad, and 6 percent off the […]

Temple Run for iPad Now Supports Retina Display


Imangi Studios, the developer of Temple Run, has updated Temple Run for the iPad with support for the third-generation new iPad’s Retina display. Today’s update brings a number of new features and one of them is a feature that owners of the new iPad have be clamoring for since March when Apple launched its third […]

Court Docs Reveal Retina Display Galaxy Tab Planned by Samsung


As part of Samsung’s ongoing legal battle with Apple, a series of court documents have revealed plans for Samsung’s upcoming Windows Phone 8 devices and now additional documents show that Samsung is prepping for a Retina Display Galaxy Tab to compete against Apple’s iPad. The documents show that Samsung has planned a model P10 tablet […]

Samsung’s New AMOLED Display to Out-Retina Apple


Apple has created instant marketing and PR buzz when it debuted its iPhone 4 smartphone with the Retina Display in which late CEO Steve Jobs says that the naked eye cannot discern individual pixels with a 326 pixel-per-inch resolution. Since then, Android smartphone manufacturers have tried to match and out-class the Retina Display resolution beginning […]

Camera Phones Not Keeping Up With Retina Displays


While smartphones have ushered in the era of mobile digital photography as it was easy to capture and share images on the go, and the quality of the resulting images was often good enough in a pinch. Smartphones such as the Nokia N8, the iPhone, and Android models from Samsung, HTC, LG, and Motorola lightened […]

Thinner iPad Mini With Retina Display Possible?

Will the iPad Mini feature a 7.85-inch display?

The iPad Mini rumor mill is hard at work again and the latest rumors peg Apple’s new iPad as having a 7.85-inch IGZO display made by Sharp. According to MyDrivers, courtesy of UnwiredView, supply chain sources have indicated that Sharp will be making IGZO display panels for the iPad Mini. IGZO stands for indium gallium […]

MacBook Pro with Retina Display Review: First Impressions

macbook-pro-retina-display-ports (1)

The new MacBook Pro with Retina Display is more tempting in the flesh and many MacBook buyers will up sell themselves to the pricey machine once they put their hands on it. There’s no doubt that the new MacBook Pro with Retina Display sets a new standard, but there are some drawbacks that make the […]

Apple Updates Aperture, iPhoto, iTunes for MacBook Retina Display and More

updated version of aperture

After showing off their new Apple MacBook Pro with Retina Display at WWDC this week, Apple also updated their signature Photo organizing and editing software Aperture and iPhoto to take advantage of the big beautiful display, all included in these Apple updates. They two programs will share a single library file format allowing users to […]

Next Generation MacBook Pro Video

Next-Generation MacBook Pro

Apple announced its new MacBook Pro with Retina Display at WWDC 2012. Apple showed developers a video about the new MacBook Pro during the keynote and just uploaded it to its official YouTube channel. The video provides an overview of the latest MacBook Pro and explains how the company designed it. The video starts with Jonathan Ives explaining […]

How to Watch the WWDC 2012 Keynote

How to Watch the WWDC 2012 Keynote

Apple doesn’t stream its events live which left those wanting to watch the WWDC 2012 keynote with rudimentary methods like unauthorized live streams and live blogs. However, Apple has now posted the keynote online for all to enjoy. The company generally posts the keynote on its website shortly after the conclusion of the keynote and […]

Shipping Now: Apple’s Best Feature on New Hardware


Say what you will about prices, specs, features, etc… the biggest feature Apple makes available is the fact that with much of its new hardware it ships pretty much immediately. Instead of announcing a product and giving us the industry standard “shipping soon” Apple makes some (not all) of its products available at announcement time. […]

New MacBook Pro Combines Best of Pro Series with Macbook Air


Today at WWDC 2012, Apple announced a new MacBook Pro that the company calls “the most beautiful computer” that it has ever made. The new MacBook Pro is incredibly thin and, as expected, it features a gorgeous Retina Display that Apple says is the “world’s highest resolution notebook display.” The display is going to feature […]

What to Expect at WWDC 2012

What to Expect at WWDC 2012

With Apple’s annual World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) set to kick off in just a few days, we wanted to take a look at what Apple may or may not be announcing at WWDC 2012. Last year’s WWDC was vastly different from the conferences in the past as Apple shifted from the event from the […]