iPhone Return Policy Quietly Drops to 14 Days

iPhone return policy dropped to 14 days

If you bought an iPhone in the past from an Apple retail location or on the online store, you were given 30 days to return it if you didn’t like it, provided that the device is undamaged and comes with all of the original accessories and packaging. However,Apple has quietly lowered that timeframe to just […]

How to Return a Gift That Was Ordered from Amazon


More likely than not, most of the gifts you received this year for Christmas were probably ordered from Amazon.com. Furthermore, you usually receive at least one gift that needs to be returned, whether it’s the wrong size or you received duplicate gifts from different people. However, returning a gift to Amazon is a little different […]

Want to Change iPhone 5s Color or Size? Do It Today

The gold iPhone 5s and silver iPhone 5s offer the same experience.

Today is the last day that you can return your iPhone 5s or iPhone 5c if you bought it from a carrier on launch day. This will allow you to change to a new color or size option if the one you bought just isn’t doing it for you. Furthermore, you can take this opportunity […]

AT&T Cuts Down Return Policy to 14 Days, Follows Industry


Over the weekend, there has been a lot of outcry over AT&T’s new return policy, which has since been confirmed by AT&T. The policy, which has already gone into effect on Sunday, October 7, shortens the period where a customer can change their minds and return a phone without being assessed an early termination fee. […]

How to Return Your iPad 2 for the New iPad

How to Return Your iPad 2 for the New iPad

While yesterday’s iPad announcement might have been a joyous occasion for some, others, specifically those that recently plopped down money for the iPad, might be panicking and wondering how to return the older iPad for the newer one. Fortunately, such a thing is possible and we’re going run down how you can go about returning […]

Best Buy’s New Return Policy Will Let You Return Anything Within 30 Days

Best Buy new return policy

Best Buy’s return policy has been a confusing mix of timing and terms, with 14 day return windows for the iPad and notebooks and 30 day returns for various other items. But, if the rumors are true, Best Buy is rolling out a new, consumer¬†friendly¬†30-day return policy on everything in the store. According to TUAW, […]

Sprint Tightens Up Return Policy Ahead of Rumored iPhone Launch


Rumor has it that Sprint will be getting at least one version of the iPhone at some point in the weeks ahead, it’s unknown whether it’s the iPhone 4 or iPhone 5, and it seems that the carrier is doing some tightening up in the policy department ahead of the popular phone’s launch. Last week, […]

What to Know About Buying and Returning Your iPad 2 Through Apple


While we–and I am sure Apple–hope that you’re among the millions of iPad 2 adopters who are satisfied with your tablet purchase come 5 PM tonight when the iPad 2 is officially available for sale at retail locations across the U.S., what is your recourse if you’re not satisfied. If you intend on purchasing your […]