I don’t have an iPad. Am I alone?


So we’ve heard from Chris about how he’s no longer using his iPad, and from Warner about how he’s using his iPad more and more. Seems like a straight point-counterpoint, right? Well, don’t count the third parties out yet. I don’t have an iPad. Am I alone?

Enhance your Evernote experience with custom shortcuts


The How-To Geek has a wonderful write-up on how to get more out of Evernote on Windows 7 using EN’s scripting system coupled with a docking app called StandaloneStack2 to neatly group shortcuts right in the taskbar. Naturally, I have an ink-based spin on the idea.

Motion Computing now offers ritePen 4.0


More good news about ritePen this week, following last week’s the release of 4.0. Recognizing the power of the new version, Motion Computing has signed up as a reseller of ritePen, offering it to their Tablet PC customers.

ritePen 4.0 adds fantastic touch features, complements its mighty pen power


Hardcore fans and beta testers already know, but now it’s official: ritePen 4.0 is released, and it’s packing a bevy of multi-touch enhancements that complement its powerful pen features. You can now enter and edit text, launch apps, open websites, annotate screen captures, and do so much more using pen, finger, or mouse. Any way […]

ritePen Touch Beta Testers Needed


Our friends from Ritescript are looking for a few good beta testers to evaluate ritePen 4.0 ‘Touch.’ Ritepen is an application that lets inkers ink anywhere they want on the screen and perform some cool tablet tricks. The application (now at version 3.5) comes from the same guys that built Evernote, so you know it’s […]

ritePen 3.5 gets 64-bit support


In news I should have caught earlier but missed because I’m still running a previous beta that doesn’t get upgrades, ritePen 3.5 now has support for 64-bit Windows 7 and Vista. ritePen 3.5.25 Upgrade supports 64-bit versions of Windows 7 and Vista, includes multiple improvements in full-screen markup and clipping, and adds error reporting system […]

PDF PenSuite Pro joins two great apps, but are they great together?


I edit, annotate, and markup PDFs every day at work. I use ritePen macros to shortcut my way through my home computing. Thus, I eagerly jumped at the chance to review PDF PenSuite Pro, a bundle of PDF creation program Foxit Phantom and handwriting superstar ritePen, launching today. Two of my major computing needs met […]

ritePen 3.5 is Out and it’s Awesome!


ritePen, called the “killer tablet app” by, well, me, now offers a truckload of new functionality in version 3.5. On top of excellent handwriting recognition and pen macros enabling limitless handwritten shortcuts, ritePen 3.5 offers advanced markup tools that allow users to take screenshots, mark them up with a variety of pens and highlighters, and […]

RitePen 3.1 Smoothly Upgraded

Leo from ritescript announced on the forum  last night that an upgrade for ritePen 3.1 was released. It’s a minor bump-up, but it’s important because it  addresses issues encountered and reported by GBM forum members. I upgraded last night, and it definitely works smoother for me. Really have to admire the ritePen guys for being […]

Ritescript Intros ritePen Pro 3.1, Incorporates GBM Community Feedback


Ritescript, a division of Evernote, announced ritePen Pro 3.1 today. The latest edition of ritePen 3.1 incorporates a number of improvements suggested by the GottaBeMobile community. The application improves tablet users’ inking experience by turning the entire display into a canvas. It has a ton of great tools that improve recognition and put your note-taking […]

I’m Leaving Evernote and Headed Back to OneNote

Ok, I have to get this off my chest — I’ve had it with inking in Evernote — it is laggy, recognition is poor, it doesn’t support mixing ink and text, and the pen icons are very aggravating to the eye while writing a note. There, I said it. I feel much better now. I […]

Google Chrome Keyboard Shortcuts and Vista Pen Flicks

I’ve been using Google’s Chrome as my go-to browser these days – it loads a website faster than any browser I’ve used in the past. Unfortunately, it isn’t very touch or pen friendly. However, there are some ways to bring a little pen and touch love to Chrome. Using Pen Flick gestures in Vista, assign […]

Sumocat’s Scribbles Screencast of RitePen 3.0 and nirCmd

Ok, I dare you. Try saying Sumocat’s Scribbles Screencast five times fast. Whew!. You don’t really have to do that, but you should check out Sumocat’s two part screencast of RitePen 3.0 and nirCMD. He’s only got Part I up at the moment and I’m sure Part II will be up soon, but this is […]

RitePen 3.0 Discount Extended

If you missed RitePen’s 33% GBM discount, then you are in luck. They have extended the special by one month, so you can still get RitePen 3.0 for $19.95. You must use this link to purchase it. Be sure to visit our forums and review the great RitePen threads – folks are loving it!   […]

Sumocat Declares RitePen 3.0 The Killer Tablet PC App

The accolades for RitePen 3.0 keep pouring in, this time from ubber ink-blogger Sumocat. Take a read about what he has to say about RitePen and what makes it so special: In its previous version, ritePen (http://www.ritescript.com/Products/ritePen.aspx) was a handy tool for Tablet PCs. It allowed you to write anywhere on the screen and have […]

Ritescript and ESO Solutions Come Together

Mobile health care just got another interesting solution.  In a press release e-mail today we received information about a new combined solution for rugged note taking while out in the field. ritePen 3.0 software will be integrated with ESO Proâ„¢ Mobile software application for Emergency Medical Services and Fire organizations. Using ESO Pro Mobile on […]

ritePen Discount Just for GBM Readers

Most of our readers caught the news about RitePen version 3 being released.  If you missed it, check out these videos for some great demos: ritePen Overview ritePen 3.0 pen Macros advanced dictionary Well, we have some great news for our readers. For the next 30 days, GBM readers can get RitePen for $19.95 – […]

RiteScript Introduces ritePen 3.0

This is worth checking out. I’ve been participating in the closed beta and really enjoy what the good folks at RiteScript (a division of EverNote) have done in creating ritePen 3.0. If you’re an Inker on a Tablet PC you owe it to yourself to try ritePen 3.0 out. I’ll be doing a full review […]

RitePen Version 2.7 Released.

EverNote Corporation the maker of the popular handwriting recognition software, RitePen, has announced the release of RitePen 2.7. The new version includes: Spanish handwriting recognition (more languages are in the works). Import of large word lists into custom vocabulary to further improve recognition of industry and user specific terms. Advancements in digital ink technology, desktop […]