AT&T First to Offer 4G LTE Roaming, Starts in Canada


Last week AT&T revealed a slew of new Mobile Share plans for customers, but that wasn’t all the carrier had in store this holiday season because they just announced another major change for its customers. Being the first to offer such a feature, AT&T and Rogers Communications in Canada have teamed up to offer AT&T […]

Intel Delivers the Promise of Global 4G LTE Roaming


Intel is hoping to rule the world’s mobile broadband airwaves with a single LTE modem that would be compatible for global roaming. Potentially, this means that any smartphone with Intel’s LTE modem could work on any LTE network around the world. The modem was demonstrated at the Computex show in Taiwan for the first time. […]

Verizon Wireless Plans for Growth, Preps for 4G LTE International Roaming


At Mobile World Congress late last month, Verizon Wireless began detailing plans for its growth strategy, including what it hopes to do with the newly acquired AWS spectrum as well as paving the groundwork for international 4G LTE roaming. While Verizon offers 2G and 3G roaming with over 200 worldwide carriers, the next step of […]

AT&T Offers Free WiFi to Travelers to the UK


AT&T Mobility is offering travelers to the UK access to over 16,000 hotspots for free thanks to a new agreement with The Cloud. There is a catch to AT&T’s generosity, however, as U.S. customers still need to sign up for an international plan to be given free access to these 16,000 hotspots. However, by being […]

Globalgig Launches Affordable Mobile Hotspot for International Travelers


If you’re a traveler destined for the U.S., the UK, or Australia, then Globalgig‘s hotspot solution may help you cut high international data charges. Travelers to foreign countries usually either have to get an unlocked phone–or unlock their phones themselves–and use a local SIM card for more affordable voice and data calls, or pay roaming […]

Verizon Quietly Updating HTC Rezound for Global Roaming


It appears that Verizon Wireless is quietly rolling out a software update patch for the HTC Rezound to enable global GSM roaming. The update clocks in at 103.7 MB and is appearing on several users’ phones at this time. It appears that this update activates the hidden GSM chipset on the phone to allow the […]

Antenova LTE Antenna Brings Us Closer to Global LTE Devices


The problem with the emerging 4G LTE mobile broadband technology that drives faster Internet speeds on mobile smartphones and tablet devices today is that there are so many different bands and frequencies used by different countries and carriers. As a result, manufacturers would have to customize their 4G LTE devices to specific regions and the […]

Global Roaming Coming to Verizon’s Galaxy S III in the Future?


While it’s still unclear why Verizon may be launching the Galaxy S III later than some of its rival U.S. carriers like T-Mobile USA and Sprint, Verizon’s Galaxy S III, which will work on the carrier’s CDMA and 4G LTE network will be getting a software update in the future to unlock some features that […]

New iPad Highlights Continued Confusion Over 4G Networks


Apple’s launch of the new iPad on March 16th brought 4G LTE network support to the iPad, but with the fanfare over faster mobile broadband network support, there’s also the issue of continued confusion due to complex network infrastructures around the world as well as unclear marketing on the behalf of Apple and its partner […]

Qualcomm World LTE Radio Speculated for the New iPhone Launch in Fall


Apple is speculated to be selecting component suppliers for the new iPhone, which would succeed the current-generation iPhone 4S and is expected to debut this fall. Like the recently launched third-generation iPad, Apple’s new iPhone, which may drop the number scheme in a new naming convention introduced this spring, is likely to adopt 4G LTE […]

Will T-Mobile USA’s 4G LTE Network Allow for AT&T 4G Roaming?


As part of T-Mobile USA’s earnings report, the nation’s fourth largest carrier and the one without an LTE network had revealed plans to launch its next-generation network starting 2013. T-Mobile USA currently operates a 4G HSPA+ network and devices so far, like the newly announced Galaxy S Blaze 4G from Samsung, are capped at a […]

GPP Unlock SIM Now Unlocks All AT&T iPhone 4S Models

iPhone 4S

A new iPhone 4S accessory claims to successfully SIM unlock all models of the AT&T Apple iPhone 4S running iOS 5.0 and 5.0.1 firmware. As AT&T, unlike rivals Sprint and Verizon Wireless, does not yet offer its longstanding customers with SIM unlock codes, iPhone 4S models purchased through Apple or AT&T with carrier subsidization for […]

T-Mobile USA Caps Domestic Data Roaming on ‘Unlimited Plans’


T-Mobile USA, the nation’s fourth largest wireless provider and the carrier known for unlimited data plans with throttling in lieue  of overages, is now further restricting its ‘unlimited’ plan offerings when users roam domestically. Unlike international roaming, domestic roaming occurs when a customer stays in the U.S. but enters a geographic area where T-Mobile may […]

Verizon’s HTC Rezound Shipping With Hidden World Phone GSM Radio?


Though unadvertised and not marketed by HTC nor Verizon Wireless as a global world phone, the Android LTE HTC Rezound may in fact be a world phone complete with a GSM radio. After the device was shipped overseas, a user had inserted a T-Mobile UK SIM card into the advertised CDMA/LTE smartphone and was able […]