Meet Mip: The App Controlled $99 Robot


MiP is a brand new gesture and app controlled robot announced and being shown off at CES, and the best part is, you’ll be able to get one exclusively at Best Buy starting in May. The robotics company WowWee was here at CES 2014 showing off this latest fun little toy innovation at ShowStoppers, and […]

Self-Driving Cars Need to Outmaneuver Lawyers

Google Self-Driving Car

Regardless where you stand on the issue of self-driving cars, the technology is developing rapidly. Google has been pioneering self-driving car technology and have a stellar reputation of being safe. Oxford University also has a self-driving car that is iPad controlled. At a recent conference at Stanford University, people discussed the advancement of self-driving cars […]

IDF: Autonomous Arachnoid Bot is Printed Via 3D and Learns to Walk Via Atom CPU

photo (6)

Intel researchers were showing off the capabilities of the company’s Atom processor inside a new robot project that they were developing. The project takes the form of a robot arachnid, similar in concept to Sony’s robot dog named Aibo of yore, where the creature would be autonomous–meaning no remote control through user input. Rather, utilizing […]

Foxconn Plans to Outsource More Manufacturing Jobs to Robots


Foxconn, which has been in the news as the manufacturer for Apple’s iPad, iPhone, and other popular consumer electronics, has announced plans that it intends to introduce more robots to the manufacturing process. Despite many of the world’s first economies losing jobs to China and other developing countries, the result of Foxconn’s move could potentially […]

Dancing Android Robot [VIDEO]

Everyone loves robots and dancing is pretty popular nowadays, so it makes sense that Sony Ericsson would pimp out Android using this amazing dancing robot. It’s unclear where the amateur video originates from but it appears to be filmed in front a shopping center as part of promotion for the Xperia Arc. All we need now is a dancing apple […]

Fujitsu Robotic Teddy Bear with AI Helps to Keep Elderly Company


Fujitsu brought a teddy bear, a working concept for the company, aimed at keeping the elderly and aging population of Japan company. As a companion device, this teddy bear is more fuzzy and welcoming, with its softer materials, than the harsh metal terminator-style look of Sony’s old Aibo dog. The teddy bear has a number […]