Max Payne for iPhone and iPad Now Available

Max Payne for iPhone and iPad Now Available

As expected, the original Max Payne has arrived on Apple’s iOS App Store and is now available to owners of the iPhone and Apple’s tablet, the iPad. The game comes courtesy of Rockstar Games, the same company that makes Grand Theft Auto III, and it will cost iOS owners a mere $2.99 to download. An […]

Max Payne Mobile Comes To iOS and Android in April

Max Payne Mobile logo

Rockstar Games, makers of Grand Theft Auto III, will bring another of their popular titles to smartphones and tablets this month. Max Payne Mobile will be available for iOS on April 12 with the Android version arriving a bit later on April 26th. Like GTA III, Max Payne is a port from the PC version […]

Cheat Codes Do Work in Grand Theft Auto III for Android and iOS

GTA III Cheat Codes

Rockstar Games said last month that the iOS/Android mobile version doesn’t support them (along with custom mods, soundtracks, or mapping to external controllers). Turns out that’s not quite true. Members of GTA Forums discovered that most of the PC cheat codes work on the Android version. You just need a keyboard to enter them.