Samsung Galaxy Note 3 in Rose Gold Heads to Verizon


It may not be like Motorola in over 18 different color and customization options, but the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is finally getting a few more colors with Rose Gold headed to Verizon Wireless. While we’ve yet to hear an official announcement from Samsung or Verizon, this week Samsung’s own site shared all the details […]

LG G2 Follows iPhone 5s With Gold Edition

Screen Shot 2014-01-14 at 10.59.00 AM

Following a successful launch of a gold iPhone 5S we saw many other manufacturers eventually offer something similar, and now LG is looking to join the stylish fun. After Apple we saw an HTC One in Gold, as well as a few gold phones from Samsung with the Galaxy Note 3, and now a James […]

This $3,000 Gold iPhone 5s Outdoes Anything Apple Will Sell You

Real 24 CT rose gold iPhone 5s

Though Apple will sell you an iPhone 5s starting today for an entry price of $650, Apple’s gold-hued iPhone is just that–a color. For those who want a little bit more of a premium experience with Apple’s best flagship smartphone to date, London’s GoldenGenie is delivering a plated iPhone 5s in real precious metal. For […]