Top 5 Waterproof Smartphones to Kickstart Your Summer


Whether you’ve got mildly butterfingers and are prone to spills or a wild summer of fun planned, these five waterproof phones will complement your wet and active lifestyle. Some on the list are rugged and are mil-spec tested while others are just waterproof designs. These five phones show that waterproof and rugged doesn’t always mean […]

Lumnia 925 and Xperia Z Launching July 14 on T-Mobile


July 14 will be a big launch day for U.S. carrier T-Mobile as there will be two high-end devices that will become available to customers on that date. According to leaked internal documents obtained by TmoNews, it appears that the flagship Nokia Lumia 925 with Windows Phone 8 will launch on July 14 alongside the waterproof […]

Verizon Planning Rugged Casio G’zOne Commando Successor Wit 4G LTE


On the heels of Samsung announcing its waterproof Galaxy S4 Active Android smartphone with premium specs, there is news that Verizon may be considering a successor the the rugged Casio G’zOne Commando smartphone, but this time with 4G LTE access. While the Galaxy S4 Active is great for consumer use in and around the pool, […]

Rugged Samsung Galaxy S4 Active Coming to U.S. This Summer

Samsung Galaxy S4 Active - 5

Samsung just announced a rugged version of the Samsung Galaxy S4 that offers very similar performance and features, but comes with water and dust resistant features that let users keep the phone in water for up to 30 minutes without damage. This rugged Samsung Galaxy S4 is part of the Galaxy S4 brand, but comes […]

Samsung Galaxy S4 Active Video Leaks

The Samsung Galaxy S4 Active makes an appearance on video ahead of an official announcement.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 Active, a rugged version of the Samsung Galaxy S4 broke cover again this week in a video detailing some of the specs and offering another look at the device. We shared rugged Galaxy S4 Active photos yesterday, and today a new Galaxy S4 Active video shows off a closer look at […]

Will LG Make a Splash in the U.S. With Optimus GJ Phone?


LG already has the Optimus G on AT&T and Sprint and the smartphone-maker recently launched the AT&T-exclusive Optimus G Pro, but the newly announced Optimus GJ shows that LG is going after those with active lifestyles. After the launch of the Sony Xperia Z smartphone, a waterproof and dustproof phone that debuted at the Consumer […]

Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini Release Date Pegged for July with Activ & Zoom

The Samsung Galaxy S4 mini, Galaxy S4 Zoom camera phone and a rugged, orange Samsung Galaxy S4 Activ are rumored for release in June and July after a May announcement, possibly at CTIA.

A new report claims the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini, Galaxy S4 Zoom and Galaxy S4 Activ announcement will arrive at the end of the month, introducing three new Samsung Galaxy S4 variants to the world. The Samsung Galaxy S4 mini release will reportedly take place in the third week of July, and the other devices […]

Caterpillar Lends Its Name to Rugged CAT B15 Smartphone


Caterpillar, best known for making heavy construction equipment, is joining the smartphone fold with the introduction of the CAT B16 Android smartphone. The company is hoping to use its construction brand to give credibility to the rugged smartphone that has an IP67 rating for being waterproof and dust-proof. According to the company, the CAT B15 […]

Kyocera Torque Becomes First Rugged LTE Smartphone, Headed for Sprint


The Kyocera Torque is a rare breed as it’s both a ruggedized Android smartphone and one that packs 4G LTE network connectivity on Sprint’s U.S. network. Though Sprint has announced the Torque will be coming to its network this Spring, pricing and specific availability is still not known about the device at this time. The […]

Kyocera Torque Gets an FCC Layover On Way to Sprint’s 4G LTE Network


It looks like the rugged Kyocera Torque is now sitting at the FCC for U.S. regulatory approval before it heads over to Sprint’s network. The Torque may be among the first ruggedized 4G LTE smartphones as previous rugged efforts–like Verizon’s G’zOne Commando–have been focused at 3G networks reserving 4G LTE for more premium flagship offerings. […]

Panasonic Windows 8 Toughpad Offers Enterprise-Grade Security


At the Consumer Electronics Show, Panasonic introduced a ruggedized enterprise class Windows Phone 8 Touchpad FZ-A1 tablet. With the power of Windows 8 under its belt, the Touchpad would be a great fit for enterprises that require security and the rugged form factor of the Toughpad. According to Panasonic, the Toughpad family is designed to meet […]

MobileDemand xTablet T7200 Review

xtablet-t7200-review 1

The MobileDemand xTablet T7200 is a fully ruggedized Tablet PC built for professionals that don’t have the luxury of working in cozy office buildings. This tablet means business and packs a several features mobile users will appreciate. MobileDemand began selling Tablet PCs well before Apple and others popularized consumer tablets. The company builds industrial-strength tablets […]

Motorola Defy Pro Is A Rugged BlackBerry-Like Android Phone

Motorola Defy Pro

With RIM flailing Android manufacturers are stepping up to fill the void. Yesterday we saw the Samsung Galaxy Chat, and today’s BlackBerry-inspired Android device is the Motorola Defy Pro. The Defy Pro isn’t exactly the natural evolution of the original Motorola Defy, but it does share some similar qualities. Like the Defy, the Defy Pro […]

The Right Productivity Tool for the Job

Ben E. Keith beer sales rep goes from a hot car to a convenience store cooler to take inventory at several stops throughout the day.

People use tools all the time that aren’t really designed for the job.  A weekend painter uses a board across a couple of chairs as makeshift scaffolding. A do-it-yourself woodworker uses a hand sander instead of a power sander. In some cases, people just try to make do with what they have. In others, people […]

Caterpillar, Yes That CAT, Announces New Rugged Android Phone

Caterpillar CAT B10

Caterpillar, the world’s largest manufacturer of construction and mining equipment, has just ventured into the world of smartphones and Android today with the announcement of the CAT B10 rugged smartphone. Obviously, this is not a smartphone that is going to appeal to the average consumer, but it will definitely warrant a look from those that […]

Fujitsu’s Quad-Core Android Phone Offers Powerful Specs

Despite an unmemorable, though not final, product name as the Ultra High Spec Smartphone, Japanese phone-maker Fujitsu brings a lot of punch to its quad-core Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich smartphone to Mobile World Congress this year. The device is one of a number of phones and tablets to debut at the Barcelona-based trade show to […]

Fujitsu to Introduce Rugged Quad-Core Android Arrows Smartphone at MWC


Fujitsu, which has made a name for itself and its Arrows-branded Android smartphones and tablets in Asia, is looking to expand its offerings globally. The outfit has revealed that it intends to bring its smartphones globally, and Europe may be the next destination for Arrows to head to. That said, we’re beginning to hear about […]

iPads Pushing Enterprise Tablet Adoption and Sales

enterprise tablets

Many companies are catching tablet fever and have started looking for ways to increase productivity or simplify workflows with tablets. Some companies like SAP are doing this with consumer tablets like the iPad, but others are opting for more rugged solutions. The iPad’s success is benefiting enterprise-grade tablet makers such as TabletKiosk, MobileDemand, DAP Technologies and Xplore. The iPad is the most popular […]

Motorola Defy Mini Spotted at FCC With AT&T-Compatible Radios


It’s unclear if Motorola will be bringing the small rugged Defy Mini Android smartphone to the U.S. under AT&T, but an AT&T-compatible model was recently spotted at the FCC for U.S. regulatory approval. The phone would be compatible with AT&T’s 3G/4G HSPA+/WCDMA network. The phone is a smaller version of the original Defy, which was […]