iPhone Fitness App Breeze is RunKeeper for Walking


The makers of the popular RunKeeper fitness and workout app have created and launched an iPhone fitness app aimed for the everyday user. It’s called Breeze, and it’s a simple, yet elegant app that counts your steps and coaches you to achieve daily walking goals. The only downside is that Breeze only works with the […]

RunKeeper Updated With Pebble Smartwatch Support


Both the iPhone and Android RunKeeper apps now feature support for the Pebble smartwatch, giving runners realtime information about their runs on their wrist. After installing the update users just have to launch the RunKeeper app on their iPhone or Android smartphone to start syncing data to their smartwatch. The smartphone app will launch a […]

Jawbone Acquires BodyMedia, Opens Up Platform

Jawbone Up platform

Today Jawbone announced that it acquired health tracking company BodyMedia. It also announced the launch of the new Up platform that lets developers use an API to use Jawbone data in their own apps. BodyMedia is one of a number of companies that track user’s health instead of just fitness or exercise. The company produces a […]

Pebble Smartwatch Will Integrate With RunKeeper

Pebble Smart Watch

Pebble, the smartwatch that’s already raised more than $8 million on Kickstarter, will communicate with the RunKeeper iOS and Android app when it’s released in a few months. According to Mashable, the Pebble team is working with RunKeeper so the watch can communicate with the fitness-tracking app. With the integration, RunKeeper will likely be able […]

How To Get Fit and Lose Weight On iPhone & Android [Infographic]

How to get fit and lose weight with Android and iPhone

When it comes to losing weight or getting in shape, using mobile apps on the iPhone and on Android smartphones can be an integral part of your fitness routine. According to this infographic from Greatist, a health and fitness blog, tracking what you eat can lead to losing twice as much weight, will help you find patterns […]

What Happens When Motorola Droid and RunKeeper Play Hockey


You’ve likely seen numerous posts on Twitter and Facebook of runners proudly sharing the detailed statistics of their distance workouts. Seeing this information shared over and over prompted me to perform an experiment. What happens when you use RunKeeper while playing ice hockey? I decided to put my Motorola Droid smartphone to the test by […]