First Impression: The Daily Should Be Called The Yester Daily


Rupert Murdoch’s attempt to change journalism on Tablets debuted today on the iPad. Called The Daily, it probably should be called the Yester Daily given the currency of the news, at least in the debut issue. There are some big stories out there in the world of news including Egypt, the snowstorm hitting the US […]

Murdoch’s “Daily” News Venture Will Try to Make News on Tablets Work


I’m really of multiple minds about this. News broke over the weekend that Rupert Murdoch and possibly Steve Jobs are working on an App to make the Tablet/Slate form factor a delivery mechanism for news. Actually let’s rephrase that. They are working to make the form factor a delivery mechanism for paid news content. Here’s […]

Wall St. Journal Really Doesn’t Get Online


Yesterday I got a friendly little email from the Wall St. Journal asking me to take a survey about how I read and use news. I thought I’d give it a go and I did. Low and behold the question in the picture accompanying this post popped up, and the range of choices offered also […]