New Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Feature Could Save Your Life

A new Galaxy Note 4 feature could save your life, and will at least save you from a sunburn.

A mysterious Samsung Galaxy Note 4 feature could save your life. A small sensor in the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will measure UV radiation as part of Samsung’s continued push to a full body health and fitness solution. This Galaxy Note 4 feature will alert users to unsafe UV Radiation levels to help protect the […]

Why iPhone 5s Users Don’t Need a Smartwatch: The M7 Chip


This last weekend was a fun one to watch mobile tech sites. Samsung put its new line of Gear smartwatches on sale. That includes the sexy-looking Gear Fit, which is more of a smartwatch and fitness tracker combination. Now that gadget bloggers and the media are getting their hands on the $200 device we’re seeing […]

Why Wait? Galaxy S5 Health Features Available Now on Top Smartphones


Apparently in the world of mobile devices we’ve moved from consuming media to health and fitness monitoring. Given the trend, companies hope we will buy and use new devices so we’ll all be much healthier while we sit on our couches and watch House of Cards. But you don’t need to wait for these features […]

Samsung Galaxy S4 S Health, Wireless Charging Coming This Summer


Unfortunately, when you buy your Galaxy S4 smartphone over the next few weeks–depending on which carrier you’re with–you won’t be able to pick up any of the novel accessories that Samsung had introduced at the device’s March unveiling, including a number of S Health accessories and the wireless charging adapters for the flagship phone. Samsung […]