How to Turn off S Voice on Galaxy S5

Here's how to turn off S Voice on the Galaxy S5 at the home button and completely.

You can turn off S Voice on the Galaxy S5 to make it easier to access Google Now and speed up the home button response time. This guide will show you how to turn off the S Voice home button shortcut on the Galaxy S5 and how to completely turn off S Voice if you […]

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 & Galaxy S3 Get S Voice Upgrade From Galaxy S4

Galaxy S3 S Voice Drive From Galaxy S4

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and Galaxy S3 owners can install the latest version of S Voice from the Samsung Galaxy S4 without waiting for an official Samsung release thanks to a leaked installation file. The Samsung Galaxy S4 comes with a new version of S Voice that includes a car mode called S Voice Drive, […]

Google Now Will Play Nice With S-Voice and Other Assistants

Google Now

Google Now is the star of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, much like Siri was the highlight of IOS 5 on the iPhone. Phones and tablets running Android 4.1 Jelly Bean are able to search with Google Now and show alerts based on past searches and activities. In many ways Google Now is a smarter search […]

HTC Teases Voice Control App For HTC Sense

HTC Voice Control teaser

It looks like HTC won’t let Samsung have all the Siri-cloning fun. The manufacturer is teasing its own voice control app in a not-so-subtle way. Today HTC posted an image to its Facebook page of what looks like a voice control app with some Sense design. The image shows a dog “talking” to the app, […]

Siri vs. S-Voice (Video)


When Samsung announced its Samsung Galaxy S III last month, it also detailed a new voice recognition app called S-Voice, software that will be in direct competition with Siri on the iPhone 4S. And with the battle heating up, a new video has surfaced pitting the Galaxy S III’s S-Voice against the iPhone’s Siri in […]

Apple Threatens To Block Samsung Galaxy S III With Restraining Order

Apple Threatens To Block Samsung Galaxy S III Launch

Apple’s lawyers are threatening Samsung with a temporary restraining order to block the Galaxy S III U.S. release later this month. According to 9To5Mac, Apple lawyer Josh Krevitt said the company could file the temporary retraining order as early as today. This comes just after Apple filed a motion to include the Samsung Galaxy S […]

Apple Seeks Ban on Samsung Galaxy S III

Galaxy S III

In a move that should surprise nobody, Apple is seeking a ban on the Samsung Galaxy S III. According to FOSS Patents, Apple moved to add the Galaxy S III to its request for a preliminary U.S. ban on the Galaxy Nexus. Apple cites two patents in its complaint against the Galaxy S III. The […]

Samsung’s S-Voice Makes Similar Faux Pas As Apple’s Siri


It looks like as intelligent as voice-activated personal assistants on a mobile are today, they are not nearly as sophisticated enough to intelligently propagate the agendas of their creators. In the past, Apple’s Siri, which is found on the iPhone 4S, made an error that was atypical of Apple. When users had asked the smart […]

S Voice Leaks for Any Android 4.0 Phone, Quickly Blocked By Samsung


S Voice, one of the big software features in the Samsung Galaxy S III leaked on the web this weekend, but Samsung and Vlingo are blocking the app. According to SlashGear, the APK for S Voice leaked earlier this weekend. Anybody that wanted to try S Voice could load it on their Android smartphone, assuming […]

Samsung Galaxy S III Hands On Videos: Hardware, Software, Camera

Samsung GALAXY S III profile

The Samsung Galaxy S III is official, and while you wait for the U.S. release date, I recommend watching the following Galaxy S III hands on videos and mini reviews to get a closer look at the Galaxy S III. These hands on videos cover the design and looks of the Galaxy S III, a […]

Samsung Galaxy S III: First Commercial

Galaxy S III

To coincide with the official launch of the Samsung Galaxy S III, Samsung has released the first official advertisement for the device, a device that the company says is “Designed for Humans.” That theme is evident in the Galaxy S III’s commercial where Samsung shows how the device can fit into the daily, human existence. […]

Samsung Galaxy S III Announced: 4.8 Inch Display, 4G LTE

Samsung Galaxy S III Announced

Samsung finally took the covers off of its ‘Next Galaxy’ at an event in London today, showcasing the company’s latest in smartphone hardware, a device that is appropriately called the Samsung Galaxy S III. The Samsung Galaxy S III is an Android-powered device that the company is hoping will take on the likes of Apple’s […]