iPhone 5s Claimed to Be Selling Twice as Fast as iPhone 5c

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The iPhone 5s is outselling its cheaper companion by a ratio of 2:1, according to data from Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (via AllThingsD). The iPhone 5s is said to be selling twice as fast as the iPhone 5c. Specifically, the iPhone 5s accounted for 64% of total iPhone sales since its launch and the lower-cost iPhone 5c […]

Kindle Sold Over 1 Million Per Week for 3 Weeks

Kindle on Amazon Home Page

During the past three weeks Amazon sold over 1 Million Kindles per week. While some places online have reported that Amazon sold a million Kindle Fires, Amazon actually includes all of the various new models in that figure. While Amazon stated that the Fire was the top seller on the company’s website during that period, […]

Nook Tablet: 1 Million Shipped To B&N So Far


Barnes & Noble has shipped 1 million Nook Tablets so far. That’s a pretty impressive number, but that doesn’t mean that customers bought 1 million of them, but rather that Barnes & Noble received them from supplier Inventec, the same OEM that made the now defunct HP TouchPad. Unfortunately, that’s often the way these kinds […]

Apple By the Numbers


At the Apple iPad to press event today the company released sales numbers as they usually do. Will surprise no one is the large number of iPads that have been flying out of the doors at Apple stores and partner retailers. What was different than the normal plan was at an iPad 2 event, they […]