Samsung ATIV Odyssey Review: Budget Windows Phone 8 on Verizon

Samsung ATIV Odyssey Review -  029

The Samsung ATIV Odyssey is a budget Windows Phone 8 smartphone on Verizon Wireless which competes more with budget Android devices like the LG Lucid 2 and Droid RAZR M than other Windows Phone 8 devices like the HTC 8X. Samsung focuses specifically on a low-cost device with a plastic design that doesn’t look or feel as nice […]

Samsung ATIV Odyssey Phone Coming To Verizon January 24 for $49.99

Samsung ATIV Odyssey

Today Verizon announced the Samsung ATIV Odyssey will come to its network tomorrow, January 24, for $49.99 on a two-year contract after a $50 mail-in rebate. The Samsung ATIV Odyssey will cost users $99.99 upfront, which is the same price as the Windows Phone 8X and iPhone 4S on Verizon. After the rebate the ATIV […]

Samsung ATIV Odyssey Release Date Could Be January 24

Samsung ATIV Odyssey

The Samsung ATIV Odyssey could come to Verizon on January 24 according to @evleaks. The Samsung ATIV Odyssey is the upcoming mid-range Windows Phone device which Verizon announced at CES last week would come to market soon. At the trade show Verizon would only say the phone will release in the coming weeks, but now […]

Windows Phone 8: 5 Phones Cam Newton and Jessica Alba Want You to Buy


Windows Phone 8 is the latest smartphone to earn celebrity endorsements from Cam Newton, Jessica Alba, Gwen Stefani and Will Arnet. Here’s a closer look at the smartphones these celebrities think are worth putting in your pocket for the next two years. Each Windows Phone 8 ad shows off a different feature of the phone, and how […]

Verizon Will Offer Free Windows Phone 8 Device By End of 2012

Samsung ATIV Odyssey

Verizon will offer a free device running Windows Phone 8 before the end of this year according a report from The Verge. Verizon Wireless CMO Tami Erwin told The Verge that Verizon will soon offer a Windows Phone 8 devices free on contract in addition to phones at the $99 and $199 price tiers. Verizon […]

Samsung ATIV Odyssey For Verizon Image Leaks

Samsung ATIV Odyssey

A new leaked image from @evleaks shows the upcoming Samsung ATIV Odyssey which will come to Verizon Wireless sometime in December. The image shows a Samsung Windows Phone 8 device that looks a lot like the Galaxy S III with a redesigned back cover. The main difference between the two devices from the front is […]

Windows Phone 8 Release Dates and Prices Almost Announced

Windows Phone 8 launch

Today during Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 launch event CEO Steve Ballmer announced Windows Phone 8 will come to market in Europe this weekend, and will roll out to U.S. carriers throughout the month of November Microsoft will leave the announcement of individual phone release dates up to carriers, saying only they will come to Verizon, […]