Samsung ATIV S Neo Headed to AT&T

Samsung ATIV NEO S LAVP cronos vertical windows

AT&T only recently announced that it would get Nokia’s brand-new Lumia 1520 Windows Phone, however that isn’t stopping the company from re-releasing Samsung’s ATIV S Neo in time for the holiday shopping season. The nation’s second largest carrier announced that it would begin selling the Samsung ATIV S on November 8th in a press release […]

Samsung ATIV S Neo Coming to Sprint on August 16th

Samsung ATIV NEO S LAVP cronos vertical windows

Starting this Friday, users on Sprint will finally be able to pick up a Samsung Windows Phone device of their very own. That’s when the carrier has announced that the Samsung ATIV S Neo will hit store shelves for $149.99. According to the specifications detailed on the smartphones factsheet, potential ATIV S Neo users can expect […]

Samsung ATIV S Delayed Until February 2013?

Samsung ATIV S

The Samsung ATIV S won’t arrive in Europe until February 2013 according to a SamMobile report. Microsoft originally announced the Samsung ATIV S as one of the first Windows Phone 8 devices to come out in Europe, but now it won’t see the light of day until February 2013. The date comes from an anonymous […]

Samsung ATIV S Delayed For Europe

Samsung ATIV S

The Samsung ATIV S, the company’s first Windows Phone 8 device likely won’t see release in 2012 according to a Sam Mobile report. The Samsung ATIV S was the first official WIndows Phone 8 smartphone, but it looks like it is the last of the first wave to make it to market. T-Mobile in Germany […]

Windows Phone 8 Release Dates and Prices Almost Announced

Windows Phone 8 launch

Today during Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 launch event CEO Steve Ballmer announced Windows Phone 8 will come to market in Europe this weekend, and will roll out to U.S. carriers throughout the month of November Microsoft will leave the announcement of individual phone release dates up to carriers, saying only they will come to Verizon, […]

Windows Phone 8 Roundup: The Future of WP8


Windows Phone 8 will likely release sometime in early November, but we already know of five phone that will launch with the new mobile OS. The five Windows Phone 8 phones we know of come from Samsung, Nokia, and HTC. Information is still sparse. There are no set prices or release dates for any of […]

Microsoft Still Rushing to Finish Windows Phone 8


In the past few weeks both Samsung and Nokia debuted their new Windows Phone 8 devices, but both companies lacked release dates for the phones, and now it seems Microsoft is to blame. According to The Verge, Microsoft is still hard at work on Windows Phone 8. The company hopes to sign off on a […]

Samsung ATIV S is The First Official Windows Phone 8 Device

Samsung ATIV S

Samsung beat Nokia to the title of first Windows Phone 8 phone today with the announcement of the Samsung ATIV S. We heard rumors of the ATIV S shortly before the Unpacked event, and Samsung confirmed the phone’s existence at the end of the presentation. The ATIV S looks very similar to the Samsung Galaxy S […]

ATIV S May Be Samsung’s First Windows Phone 8 Device

Samsung ATIV S

When Microsoft first announced Windows Phone 8, it announced Samsung as one of the manufacturers for the launch of the new OS, and now we have a hint of the company’s upcoming flagship Windows Phone 8 device. According to The Verge, the flagship Windows Phone 8 device from Samsung is the Samsung ATIV S. The ATIV S […]