Chromebooks Leading Seller for 2013 Holidays at Amazon


The latter part of 2013 was marked with many debates on many topics, but the Great Chromebook Debate that questioned the viability and practicality of Chromebooks was one of the most lively of the bunch. There were tech bloggers who just couldn’t see the wisdom of the Chrome browser based laptops and there were an […]

Best Back to School Notebooks Under $400

samsung chromebook

Students head off to school soon. Most of them will likely bring a computer to the dorm, or carry one in a bag, as they go from class to the library and home again. We thought we’d scour the net for some useful options for Back to School Notebooks Under $400. We found some decent […]

Google Makes Major Chromebook Push for Back to School Season

Google CR-48

In its ever escalating effort to unseat Microsoft’s Windows and Apple’s Mac OS as the default operating systems for consumers, Google will bring its partner created stable of Chromebooks to more retailers soon. According to a post on the Google Chrome Blog, the company will bring the line of notebooks running its Chrome OS operating […]

Google And Samsung Introduce $249 Chromebook

Samsung Chromebook

Today Google and Samsung introduced a new Chromebook with a $249 price point and 6.5 hours of battery life. The new Chromebook is simply called the Samsung Chromebook, and it’s the first device of its kind to use an ARM processor instead of an Intel processor. Inside the Samsung Chromebook has a dual-core Exynos processor […]

Google Chromebooks with Chrome OS Launching June 15th

Google Chromebooks

Today at the second day of Google I/O, Google announced two models of Chrome OS powered Chromebooks made by Samsung and Acer, which will be available to consumers around the world starting June 15th. The announcement is the culmination of the CR-48 pilot program that was launched last year at Google’s Chrome OS event in […]