Samsung Galaxy S II Finally Arrives on T-Mobile

Galaxy S II

From behind glass at its launch event  to its second launch event, it has been a long journey for T-Mobile’s Samsung Galaxy II. However, that journey has finally ended and as expected, the HSPA+ 42mbps device is now on sale for the cool price of $230 on a new two-year contract. Those of you on […]

Samsung Galaxy S II Pre-Orders Begin at T-Mobile

Galaxy S II

We’ve known for quite awhile now that the Samsung Galaxy S II would be landing on T-Mobile on October 12th which made the lack of a pre-order strange. Well, the Magenta carrier has finally taken the wraps off of the Galaxy S II pre-order and will begin taking orders for arguably the best phone ever […]

Why I Pre-ordered an iPhone 4S


I publicly stated that the iPhone 4S announcement earlier this week made me want a new Android phone instead of an iPhone 4S, but when it came time to hit the order button after two hours of trying, I clicked it – twice. I already planned to order my wife an iPhone 4S to replace […]

Samsung Galaxy S II Starts Arriving in T-Mobile Stores

Galaxy S II

The Samsung Galaxy S II will be hitting T-Mobile on October 12th and it looks like the Magenta carrier is preparing for an onslaught of purchases as retail stores are loading up on Galaxy S II devices. As you can see in this photo from TMoNews, retail stores will be equipped with plenty of devices […]

5 New iPhone 4S Features That Android Already Has

Find My Friends and Google Latitude

Underwhelmed by yesterday’s iPhone 4S announcement? You’re not alone. Aside from the fact that the world didn’t get the iPhone 5 it was expecting, many of the new features included in the 4S aren’t all that exciting or revolutionary. Sure, they’re new for iPhone users, but the Android fans in the house have been there, […]

iPhone 4S vs. Galaxy S II – Samsung Is Going After Apple On This One


Samsung is wasting no time going on the offensive against Apple’s newest iPhone. Just a few hours after the announcement the director of PR sent out a helpful comparison chart showing how the iPhone 4S stacks up against the company’s newest flagship phones, the Galaxy S II line. The company also announced that they’re seeking […]

Why the iPhone 4S Makes Me Want a New Android Phone

iPhone 4 Mockup Missed the Mark

I previously posted that in order for Apple to lure me back to the iPhone camp, they would have to include a few things. To catch you up, Apple announced the iPhone 4S, which has faster internals and a new camera, but the same old iPhone 4 look. My top priority: a larger screen! Sadly, […]

Spec Showdown: iPhone 4S vs Galaxy S II vs HTC Titan

We’ve already shown you how Apple’s latest iPhone, the iPhone 4S, stacks up against the iPhone 4, and now, thanks to Android Central, we have a very clear cut way to show you how it stacks up against competition outside of Apple products. Unfortunately, we can’t quite put it up against the likes of the […]

Samsung Galaxy S II Finally Launches on AT&T

AT&T Galaxy S II

Yesterday was a pretty big day for those that have been waiting for the Samsung Galaxy S II to launch on AT&T and that’s because the Samsung Galaxy S II finally launched, officially, on AT&T. It was a road filled with a lot of anticipation and a surprise that caught us off guard but the […]

T-Mobile’s Samsung Galaxy S II on Video (hands on)

Galaxy SII from T-Mobile

The Samsung Galaxy S II is a gorgeous device that’s available from several carriers. Yesterday, Samsung and T-Mobile announced a version that runs on T-Mobile’s HSPA+ network and boasts download speeds of up to 42 Mbps. (READ: Samsung Galaxy S II Sprint Epic 4G Touch Review) We got a very brief look at the device during […]

Samsung Announces the Galaxy S II HD, U.S. Launch Nowhere in Sight

Samsung Galaxy S II HD

The timing of Samsung’s latest announcement could not be any worse. Just a few hours after T-Mobile revealed the release date of its Samsung Galaxy S II device and just days before it arrives on AT&T (it’s been out on Sprint since mid-September, read our review here), the company has announced the new Samsung Galaxy […]

T-Mobile and Sprint’s Samsung Galaxy S II Smartphones Compared

T-Mobile and Sprint Galaxy S II smartphones compared

Today T-Mobile finally released all of the details on their version of the Samsung Galaxy S II, cleverly dubbed… the Galaxy S II. Unlike Sprint, who added Epic 4G Touch to the end of the Galaxy moniker, T-Mobile didn’t give their new phone an extra name. The differences don’t end there. T-Mobile’s Galaxy S II […]

T-Mobile Announces Samsung Galaxy S II, HTC Amaze 4G and Sonic 4G

Samsung Galaxy S II T Mobile with HSPA+42

Today at the GigaOm Mobilize conference in San Francisco T-Mobile announced a collection of new 4G devices. These fast devices include the T-Mobile Sonic 4G Mobile Hotspot and two new HSPA+ 4G smartphones, the highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy S II and HTC Amaze 4G which was formally known as the HTC Ruby 4G. These devices are the […]

AT&T Galaxy S II Release Date and Pricing Finally Confirmed

AT&T Galaxy S II

We had thought that AT&T’s verison of the Samsung Galaxy S II would be out on September 18th. But when Sunday passed without so much as even a peep out of Ma Bell, we began to worry. And many of you out there hoping to get this phone started getting to get frustrated. Understandable. But […]

T-Mobile Galaxy S II and Galaxy S 4G Strike A Pose Together

T-Mobile Galaxy S II

We’re still not exactly sure when T-Mobile’s variant of the Samsung Galaxy S II is coming, we only know that it’s coming this fall, but that hasn’t stopped the information about the device from flowing forth to those of you interested in picking one up. Just a short time ago, we got word that T-Mobile’s […]

Samsung Epic 4G Touch Gets Rooted

Samsung Epic 4G Touch

The Samsung Epic 4G Touch, Sprint’s Galaxy S II, has only been out since September 16th but already it has been rooted by both Zedomax as well as the Android Creative Syndicate otherwise known as ACS. That means that there are two options to choose from for rooting one of Sprint’s finest smartphones just mere […]

Samsung Galaxy S II Misses Supposed Release Date on AT&T

Galaxy S II

We had thought that AT&T’s Samsung Galaxy S II device would be rolling out today, September 18th, but it appears  that that won’t be happening. Not surprising considering Sprint’s variant of the device went up for pre-order at several places while we haven’t heard nary a peep out of AT&T since the device was introduced […]

Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch Now Available on Sprint

Epic 4G Touch

Today is a big day for Sprint as it has just released its highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy S II device, the Samsung Epic 4G Touch. The Epic 4G Touch is the first Galaxy S II device to hit American soil and its launch will be followed by AT&T’s in just a few short days and […]

New Samsung Galaxy S II Promo Puts Droid Bionic Ads to Shame

Galaxy S II Ad

Last week, the Motorola Droid Bionic launched to great fanfare. And, as expected, the launch was backed by an extensive ad campaign complete with the usual Droid flair. I had high hopes for Verizon’s Droid Bionic ad campaign but to be honest, I think the commercials have landed flat on their face. They don’t make […]