Samsung Galaxy S5 Concept Video Delivers Best Concept Yet

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With a Samsung Galaxy S5 launch date likely a few months away, designers are dreaming up their own concepts to pass the time. The latest Galaxy S5 concept video to emerge showcases a device that is one of the best takes yet and a device that many consumers will hope resembles the real Galaxy S […]

Samsung Galaxy S5 Render Shows Sleek Metal Design

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A new Samsung Galaxy S5 render based on rumors shows a new Galaxy S with a sleek metal design, something that has already dominated the rumor mill, and could possibly come on board Samsung’s new Galaxy S5, a device that is thought to possibly be making its debut in January ahead of a February release. […]

Samsung Galaxy S5 Concept Video Brings Metal Future to Life


The Samsung Galaxy S5 launch is likely months away but that hasn’t stopped designers from coming up with their own ideas about how the upcoming Galaxy S4 successor should look. The latest Galaxy S5 concept is one that offers a truly stunning metal design and a flexible display, two features that may wind up being […]

Samsung Galaxy S5 Concept Shows Galaxy S of the Future

This Galaxy S5 concept features a flexible design.

A new Samsung Galaxy S5 concept may not show the real Galaxy S5 but it shows what a Galaxy S device could look like at some point in the future when technology catches up. While the Galaxy S5 likely won’t be launched until 2014, we’re already seeing designers offer up their vision of what the […]

Samsung Galaxy S5 Concept: Realistic Features, Metal Design

Samsung Galaxy S4 wireless charger review - 2

The Samsung Galaxy S5 launch likely won’t take place next year but we’re already seeing Galaxy S5 concepts emerge showing off what Samsung enthusiasts want to see from the next Galaxy S smartphone with the latest sporting features that while conceptual, could very well make their way onto the real Samsung Galaxy S5. Samsung’s new […]

Galaxy S5 Concept Boasts Metal Design, No Home Button (Video)

A Samsung Galaxy S5 concept.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 may be months away from launch but that hasn’t stopped intrepid designers and Android enthusiasts from dreaming up their own Galaxy S5 concepts. The latest Galaxy S5 concept pairs a metal design, something that has already been rumored, with a 16MP camera, and no home button to speak of. Several weeks […]

Samsung Galaxy S5 Concept: Folding Design, Flexible Display

A Samsung Galaxy S5 concept shows off a flexible, foldable display.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is just a few weeks old, but a new concept is available showing us what a Samsung Galaxy S5 might look like with new tech Samsung demoed at CES. Samsung is clearly investigating flexible displays and folding smartphones and tablets with the Youm initiative, and by the time the company is […]