Samsung Galaxy S5 vs Galaxy S4 Video Shows Improved Durability

See how the Galaxy S5 vs Galaxy S4 durability tests turn out.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 release brings a new design that is water-resistant and dust-resistant, but it is not a rugged smartphone. With a new design potential buyers want to know if in addition to withstanding water, the Galaxy S5 can survive drops and other abuse. A new video shows the Galaxy S5 vs Galaxy S4 […]

5 Best Sprint Smartphones [April, 2014]


As we move deeper into the new year, carriers like Sprint are starting refresh their smartphone lineups with brand new devices. And while this means more choice, it also means that those in the hunt for a new smartphone could have a harder time narrowing down their options. With that in mind, we want to […]

5 Best Verizon Smartphones [April, 2014]

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Those looking to buy a new Verizon smartphone in the month of April are going to be faced with a tough decision due to the amount of high quality smartphones that reside on the carrier’s extensive 4G LTE network. We want to help narrow down those choices for you and here, we take a look […]

100+ Samsung Galaxy S5 Details Emerge Ahead of Release


Those interested in buying the Samsung Galaxy S5 later on this month now have access to hundreds of Galaxy S5 details ahead of time of April 11th thanks to Samsung itself. The Samsung Galaxy S5 is up for pre-order in the United States ahead of its April 11th release date. It will land in stores […]

Samsung Galaxy S5 vs. Nexus 4: What Buyers Need to Know


With the Samsung Galaxy S5 release date fast approaching, many consumers are starting to take a close look at Samsung’s new Galaxy S. Off-contract Nexus 4 owners are among those making the comparison and here, we take a look at the most important things prospective Nexus 4 upgraders need to know about the Samsung Galaxy […]

HTC One (M8) Google Play Edition Ships April 15, Galaxy S5 MIA


The all new HTC One (M8) is now official and readily available, however those who love the smartphone but want a stock Android 4.4 KitKat experience, Google has you covered. As expected Google and HTC announced the all new HTC One (M8) will be available in a Google Play Edition. Offering the same smartphone and […]

Samsung Galaxy S5 vs iPhone 5s: 5 Reasons to Buy the Galaxy S5

Galaxy S5 vs iPhone 5s

The Samsung Galaxy S5 arrives in early April and soon shoppers will compare the new Android smartphone with the iPhone 5s at carriers across the U.S. and we will likely see sales people pushing one phone or another based on features and occasionally personal preferences. For shoppers trying to decide between the top of the […]

5 Best Android Smartphones [April, 2014]


After months and months of waiting, the smartphone world is starting to heat up thanks to new devices like the Samsung Galaxy S5 and the all new HTC One. Their arrivals mean that those in the hunt for a new Android smartphone in the month of April are going to have a tougher decision than […]

Samsung Galaxy S5 Release Approaches: 5 Key Details

The Galaxy S5 is worth looking at, especially for iPhone owners.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 release date is getting closer in the United States and many buyers are busy weighing their options. As we approach April 11th, we want to take a look at five key details that Samsung Galaxy S5 buyers need to know about one of the biggest smartphone release dates of the year. […]

Samsung Galaxy S5 vs. Galaxy Note 2: What Buyers Need to Know


Later this month, the Samsung Galaxy S5 will go on sale in 150 countries around the world including the United States. Those looking for a new smartphone and those looking to upgrade later this year will certainly want to have their eye on it as it will most likely be one of the top smartphones […]

Samsung Galaxy S5 vs. iPhone 5: What Buyers Need to Know

The Galaxy S5 goes on sale April 11th in the U.S.

The iPhone 5 may no longer be sold through the Apple Store but it’s still in the hands of a number of consumers, many of whom will be coming off contract later this year. While many probably have their eyes on the iPhone 6, wise iPhone 5 owners will compare the device to as many […]

Galaxy S5 Display is the “Best”, Beats iPhone in Key Areas

The Galaxy S5 display is bright, accurate and power efficient.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 display is the best display available on a smartphone according to a new report. Potential Galaxy S5 buyers should plan to see the display in person before buying anything else. The Samsung Galaxy S5 display includes a wide collection of modes and automatically adjusting settings that deliver a better looking display […]

The Hidden Galaxy S5 Feature Parents Will Love

The Galaxy S5 features a pulse sensor to track your heart rate.

New software screenshots include an as-yet-to-be announced feature that could finally give smartphone buyers a decent reason for buying the Galaxy S5 and a Gear smartwatch on release day. Pairing a Galaxy S5 with a Gear smartwatch turns the upcoming high-end smartphone into a baby monitor. The feature’s details were leaked this past week by […]

Samsung Galaxy S5 Root Successful: Easy Root Download Available

A Samsung Galaxy S5 root tool is already available.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 root is already available, offering a way to quickly free the new smartphone and allow it to run root apps on Android 4.4.2, more than a week before the Galaxy S5 release date. Chainfire is a developer who is the author of many popular root apps and who is responsible for […]

Samsung Galaxy S5 vs HTC One M8: 15 Things Buyers Need to Know

BoomSound delivers loud clear sound that the Galaxy S5 can't.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 and the new HTC One M8 are the top smartphones on shopping lists this spring. When we ask anyone looking for the best smartphone in 2014, these two devices are always on the list. These top smartphones share several features and upgrades from last year’s models, but there are distinct features […]

Samsung Galaxy S5 vs. Nexus 5: What Buyers Need to Know


In just a few short weeks, the Samsung Galaxy S5 will hit shelves in the United States and around the world. When it does arrive, many consumers will have a big decision to make: Buy the Samsung Galaxy S5, or buy something else. One of the Samsung Galaxy S5′s biggest competitors will be the Nexus […]

Watch the Amazing HTC One M8 Ad Apple or Samsung Would Have Made

New HTC One M8 Review -  7-X2

Here is what the new HTC One M8 ad would look like if HTC hired Apple and Samsung to make it. A straight, to the point explanation of why you should buy the new HTC One instead of the iPhone 5s or the Galaxy S5. Samsung and Apple rule the mobile advertising space by showing […]

Samsung Galaxy S5 vs. Galaxy S3: What Buyers Need to Know

The Galaxy S5 features an upgraded camera with new modes and a faster focus.

Consumers who bought the Samsung Galaxy S3 when it first came out are going to be coming off contract soon which means that they have a big decision to make: Stay with the Galaxy S3 or pick up something new. Those weighing their options probably have their eye on the Samsung Galaxy S5 as a […]

Verizon Galaxy S5 Release & Pre-Order Details and Predictions

Here is the latest on the Verizon Galaxy S5 release and pre-orders.

The Verizon Galaxy S5 release date is missing, prompting customers to search for answers and vent on social media where some employees claim pre-orders are live at retailers. Here is a quick look at the Verizon Galaxy S5 pre-order and release status and what buyers can expect. During the Samsung Galaxy S5 announcement the company […]

Samsung Galaxy S5 vs. Galaxy S4: What Buyers Need to Know

The Galaxy S5 vs. Galaxy S4.

In a few weeks, the Samsung Galaxy S5 will go on sale and replace the Galaxy S4 as the company’s flagship smartphone model. The Samsung Galaxy S4 remains a solid option thanks to solid software support and a solid price tag and thus, consumers will be comparing the two. Here, we take a look at […]