Play Console Games on Your iPad, iPhone & Android with Onlive

Onlive Ipad gaming

Gaming on your iPhone, iPad and Android devices is about to get a lot more fun and a lot more amazing thanks to the launch of Onlive gaming for mobile devices. Onlive is a new type of gaming service that essentially streams the game to your device. This allows machines that don’t have awesome graphics capabilities to play console and PC […]

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Headed to AT&T’s LTE Network?

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

It would appear that the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 will be headed to another 4G LTE at some point in the future as a device with a code similar to that of the Galaxy Tab has passed through the FCC with an AT&T 4G LTE logo on the back of it. What this means is […]

Verizon’s Samsung Galaxy Tab Gingerbread Update Is Imminent

Galaxy Tab

We were just wondering about whether or not the original Samsung Galaxy Tab would ever seen Android 2.3 Gingerbread let alone Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and now, those of you with Verizon’s version of the tablet have an answer to one of those questions. The carrier has announced that it will be bringing Gingerbread […]

Samsung Confirms Android 4.0 Update for Several Devices

Galaxy S II

Many of you out there who are using some of Samsung’s more recent devices have probably been wondering whether or not your phone or tablet would be seeing the upgrade to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. Well, some of you can rest easy as Samsung Italy has gone ahead and confirmed that several of these […]

$399 Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus to Hit Stores November 13th

Samsung GALAXY Tab 7.0 Plus

Raise your hand if you’re surprised to learn that Samsung’s new 7-inch tablet, the Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus, will cost $399 instead of something closer to $199? No one but me? Oh. Perhaps it was a foolish hope. After all, the Kindle Fire’s low price is part Amazon’s willingness to take a profit hit in […]

Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 Review

Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9

Samsung is one of the few Android tablet makers that has consistently delivered devices that look good, run well, and avoid the shortcomings rampant in this segment of the market. The 8.9 inch Galaxy Tab is not the exception to the rule. Just like the 10.1 inch version released earlier this year, it combines a […]

Nook Color: Will it Meet Your Tablet Needs?


As a former Nook Color owner, I decided that it did not meet my needs. But I recognize it may be all the Android tablet some will ever need. In case you are not familiar, Barnes and Noble released the Nook Color as an update to their first Nook eBook reader. They added a color […]

Samsung Halts 10.1 Galaxy Tab TouchWiz Update


Interesting. Samsung has apparently put a halt to the roll out of the TouchWiz update for the Galaxy Tab 10.1 according to reports at Android Police. From what I’m reading it sounds like a temporary halt, which means that there must be something buggy in there somewhere, and earlier reports mention that the update didn’t […]

What Does Samsung’s TouchWiz Bring To the Galaxy Tab 10.1?

TouchWiz Home Screen Galaxy Tab

The long-anticipated TouchWix UI has finally come to the 10-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab. Yesterday the press (and some lucky New Yorkers) got the update early, but tomorrow over-the-air updates will start to roll out for everyone else. The question of the day: will TouchWiz make the galaxy Tab better, or will it make users wish […]

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Accessories: Slip Cases, Covers, and Keyboards

Galaxy Tab Bluetooth Keyboard Case

Of all the accessories mentioned at Samsung’s Galaxy Tab event today, the most exciting (and most useful) are the cases and covers. They don’t quite reach the heights of the magical Smart Cover for the iPad 2, but they do nicely blend good looks, light weight, and functionality. Book Cover Case — $59.99 This is the […]

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Accessories: HDMI, USB and SD Card Adapters

Samsung Galaxy Tab HDMI Adapter Dongle

Like the iPad, Samsung’s 10.1-inch Galaxy Tab has only one port, a 30-pin proprietary connector. And so, like Apple, Samsung has provided a few adapters for extending the use of this port: HDMI, USB and SD. Though having these ports on board might make life easier, these adapters at least offer the extra functionality… for an […]

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Accessories: The Docks

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Keyboard Dock Accessory

Today during Samsung’s software launch event in New York City the company not only showed off the new UI for the Galaxy Tab 10.1-inch, but also introduced the Tab’s accessory line. Samsung’s two docks are available right now via the website, but are they a worthy addition to your beloved Tab? Let’s take a look. […]

Verizon 4G LTE Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Review: First Impressions

Verizon Wireless Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 box

Yesterday the Samsung’s Galaxy Tab went on sale at Verizon Wireless, the first 4G LTE tablet in the U.S. Previously only available with Wi-Fi, the 10.1-inch Tab is going a similar route as its 7-inch sibling, just not on all carriers at once. I received our review unit this morning and got down to comparisons. […]

Five Reasons to Consider the HP TouchPad


I posted a sister post that some might find schizophrenic to this one that contains Five Reasons to Avoid the HP TouchPad. Here, I’ll lay out some of the reasons I remain eternally optimistic about the webOS fueled TouchPad. (Although eternally is a long time in mobile tech years.) Before I get to those five […]

Sprint Galaxy Tab Gingerbread Update Begins Rolling Out


It has been a long time coming but as promised, the Android Gingerbread update has finally started to roll out to 7-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab owners who happen to call Sprint their home. Sprint, in a message on their community board, confirmed that the update was rolling out and that it would be rolling out […]

Sprint Galaxy Tab Gingerbread Update Rolling Out July 5th

Sprint Galaxy Tab

It’s hard to even imagine being an owner of the original Samsung Galaxy Tab right now. Since it’s release we’ve seen several Android tablets hit the shelves with software vastly superior to the Froyo that the Galaxy Tab currently employs. Well, it looks like Samsung is finally read to bring the Galaxy Tab to the […]