WiFi Only Samsung Galaxy Tab Coming to Best Buy for $499


Looks like Best Buy will be offering the Samsung Galaxy Tab in several flavors in just a few weeks. Pocketables picked up some info and some ad copy that says Best Buy will offer a WiFi only version for $499.99. They will also be offering a Verizon 3G enabled version and a Sprint 3G enabled […]

Samsung Galaxy Tab at Verizon November 11 for $600.


Verizon is announcing that it will put the Samsung Galaxy Tab up for sale beginning November 11 for a price of $600. There is no contract requirement and you can add on a 1GB data plan for $20 a month. There is no word yet as to whether that is contract based or month to […]

CarryPad Unboxes the Samsung Galaxy Tab

Galaxy Tab Unboxing (Retail Version) | Carrypad-1

Steve “Chippy” Paine has put up an unboxing of the Samsung Galaxy Tab and as far as unboxing videos go, it is worth watching. Sure looks pretty. Chippy will be doing a live session tonight taking questions.

Samsung Galaxy Tab Unboxed

Screen shot 2010-10-01 at 10.16.47 AM

Here’s a video for all of our European friends who complain that GBM is too U.S. centric. This is a video of the Samsung Galaxy Tab being unboxed, with commentary in Italian. I have no clue what our Italian geek friend is saying, but our few thousand Italian readers might appreciate it. via Google News via CrunchGear via Netbooknews.it […]

Here Come the Galaxy Tab Ads

Google Reader (13)

Samsung is rolling out a promotional video that you’re going to see everywhere this fall. It’s pretty well done and features a lot of back pockets. Now if we could only get some pricing info. Wouldn’t that be nice.

WSJ: Samsung Galaxy Tab Coming to US on September 16


The Wall St. Journal is reporting that Samsung will announce its Galaxy Tab for the US on September 16, and that it is likely that Samsung will be releasing it with Verizon, Sprint, and AT&T as partners. There’s still no official word on the US price point but speculation is centering on somewhere between $200 […]

Samsung Galaxy Tab Coming to Sprint with 3G/4G in November?


Boy Genius Report is hearing that the Samsung Galaxy Tab may be coming to Sprint this November and that is very possibly both a 3G and 4G device. That’s a lot of “possibly” in there and given the lack of clear information at this point from Samsung (and or anyone else) this quite probably (ha) […]

Samsung Finally Releases the Galaxy Tab

Samsung Galaxy Tab

The Galaxy Tab from Samsung has finally been officially unveiled. Yes, it is running Android 2.2, yes it is 7 inches, and yes, everything else we’ve been hearing about it is there including the fact that you can use it as a phone and it runs FLASH. Because it is running the official Android 2.2 […]

Samsung Galaxy Tab Specs Leaked


The great Tablet/Slate wait continues as do rumors and leaks. Samsung Firmwares managed to divine some info from leaded firmware that offer a few details into what we might see when the Samsung Galaxy Tab debuts this fall. According to the post, the 7 inch slate will be running Android 2.2 on an ARM11 Hummingbird […]

Samsung Galaxy Tab on Video. Or Is It?

Samsung Galaxy Tab

A leaked video of the Samsung Galaxy Tab Tablet is floating around on the Intertubes. But yet, those paying close attention are pointing out that the device in the video looks a bit different than the pictures we’ve seen so far. The device in the video is called the Galaxy Tab P1000 and it appears […]

Whoops! Samsung posts Galaxy Tab photos too soon


Liliputing grabbed a photo Samsung South Africa posted on their Twitter account showing off their upcoming Galaxy Tab. The photo has since been removed from their TwitPic account, but erasing stuff from the Internet is kind of like stuffing toothpaste back in the tube, isn’t it?